Welcome To The World Baby Kai

KENICAMZ #142: Thank you all for your patience, many of you have followed our whole pregnancy diary have shown us so much love, support, care and concern. Some of you have been so excited about this update and we would like to say thank you all so much for caring. We’re ecstatic to announce that all is absolutely amazing! We shared the most amazing free birth we could ever imagine on the 6th August 2016. After 17 hours of labor we welcomed our newborn baby Kai into the world. Weighing in at 7.2lbs 19.6″ inches and we’ve since been snuggled in our blissful bubble of baby magic.

Here’s the footage we shot of our day, we don’t have much of the evening as the setting and environment of the space was ultimately more important to us than any bright lighting for filming lol. However we still feel we’ve captured the raw and spectacular beauty of a healthy and unhurried natural birth and are so happy to share this special moment with you all. Paying it forward in honor and thanks for all the free-birthing stories we have read, researched and studied. Thanks to all those mothers who have helped to inspire and educate us. Thanks to the internet and those willing to share their experiences, from that we built our confidence, trust and self-empowerment. This lead us to share the most unforgettable, intense and bonding sacred experience of our lives. Jamie’s words are simply that it was powerful, painful and absolutely perfect.

In our next vlog we have so much to share about the details of the day, our own individual insights and the complications we overcame. As well as the sheer joy of actually becoming parents and how incredible it was to deliver our first born child into his mothers exhausted arms. Naturally in the comfort and privacy of our own home, drug and intervention free. I feel like I could keep writing on and on and yet not really tell you anything more. So for now please in joy viewing the most incredible day of our lives and thanks again to all who have been there with us along the way. Wholeness and loving vibrations to you all.

Self Perceptions & Inner Reflections..

KENICAMZ #140: Back with what is now the weekly Podcast. We decided that Monday nights at 9pm PST is the best fit for the majority who participate in our live chat. I know that’s not perfect for all and I know we won’t please everyone all of the time. Still, I appreciate those who can make it to the show and of course if you’re here on the replay I love you too. Thanks for visiting our little corner of the internet, I do my best to post replays over here asap.

First up we get into Whitney’s conversation about how to let go of judgements. For me personally the realization came through being judged myself. Being present to what triggers and feelings come up while being judged helps me relate and empathize when I catch myself being judgemental towards others. I find that meditation is a great practice to strengthen our stillness, to stay centered while observing our own behavior. To reflecting rather than reacting and to remain balanced in the energetic dynamics of relationships.

Gary loves to ask anything to do with Porn and Pornstars. He always wants to know who we still keep in touch with, so we covered some of that and things about Pornstarcamz. As well as our role in helping sex workers to build their brands and financial independence online. It wouldn’t be a Kenicast without at least a few questions on race. We explore some specifics about being Asian male and of mixed race. Sometimes racially based sexual preferences do evolve into the fetishization of different races and we’ve talked about some of that here.

Ultimately growing up with any ethnic contrasts can be complicated, especially should either ethnicity not be equally represented/respected within ones own identity. In my opinion I see those who face this dichotomy as today’s heroes. You deal with being and becoming the personification of racial unity and all the challenges that come with it. Challenges with self perception as well as the many shades of societal ignorance. My personal advice is to embrace all that you are, as individuals. While also loving all that your heritage and both parental roots bring to the world. I say do you, fully. Love yourself and own that you’re a blessing in a world evolving out of separation. You truly represent the unity and maturity of humanity. One love.

Finally we may at any moment consider that there is no getting there, that ‘there’ is actually an illusion to the infinite concept. Then it all comes forward to ones self perception, here and now. Ones inner perspectives are their outer reflections. How we be in this world is exactly what we see in this world and what you see in yourself is a direct reflection of what you see in others. Some of these concepts may be challenging to embrace at first and that’s ok, that’s why it is called practice. Repeat this meditation and feel deeply into it;

I am the perfect representation of my vibration. I accept who I am, exactly as I am, right here, right now“.

Even if this feels uncomfortable at first, just try it on for a moment. Settle in to this perspective and re-cognize how it feels to be in your heart. Change is all ways available within, this is the creative source of reality. Knowing this we may choose to live self-realized, fully empowered and FREE! 🙂

Two Giant Hotdogs – Week 35

KENICAMZ #139: It’s monsoon season folks! J is super happy since the temperature is cooler now and she just loves these daily rains. So we skipped forward another two weeks and we’re happy to check in at Week 35. This week we noticed daily growth spurts and I’m not playing this Baby is strong! We’ve seen limbs literally moving around in there and it’s getting tight for mom. It’s easy to get freaked every few days when J’s in so much pain and thinks she’s having contractions.

We know we’re into the weeks that some moms give birth so we’ve been revising lots of the birthing process, like today I’m re-reading umbilical cord tying. We’re both still excited of course and although we accept we’ve no idea how it’s going to go, we still feel confident. We’ve literally done our best to learn as much as we can to prepare. So many birthing stories, forums, documentaries and what if’s about this and that. Right now we feel happy, confident and ready to go.

We mentioned the eliminate communicate method, it’s pretty common out here in Thailand. We both feel aligned with this and wanna give it our best shot from birth. We have a bunch of cloth diapers and liners already, didn’t wanna go crazy on them until we see what works best for us and Baby, then we’ll stock up with what we need as and when. We feel good about practicing EC, it suits us since we’re both at home full time and just wanna get connected with Baby as much as possible.

We know this won’t suit everyone, however if you’ve never heard of this then there are lots of benefits. From environmental, economical, behavioral and of course a happily early potty raised child. Who ever wants to sit in poop or pee, just for convenience? You can find info about EC all over the internet, some videos we found helpful are here.