Where Is Keni Styles?

Where do I start? Where have I been? Where am I going..

I met Barbara Marx Hubbard at a spiritual group she was leading in LA. I remember she made a comment about my backpack, which quite obviously was a lot to bring to a meditation circle. We joked and she invited me to sit with her during the lunch break. She is truly a wonderful woman, a futurist, a visionary and the first woman to run for vice-presidency of the United States. She was entertained how I carried my life’s belongings on my back and how I happily slept in a nearby bush. Most of her other attendees were staying in the convention hotel for the weekend; I opted to sleep under the stars.

During the weekend I was introduced to Dr Steven Greer who shared with me some of his work on the Disclosure Project. The basis of the CE-5 contact protocol includes group meditation and remote viewing. “Coincidentally” this was not long after I had been meditating with a piece of rock from outer space. Then I got chatting with two of his students who claim to be breatharians, this was interesting to me since recently transitioning to plant and solar based energies. By the end of the weekend Barbara and her sister told me about the ‘Evolutionary Nuns’ and their work on translating the old testament. This lead me to looking into the Gnostic texts and they also invited me to attend the inaugural Co-Creators Convergence.

The Co-Creators Convergence was to be a group of universally minded people sharing experiences and insights on the conversation of spirituality. The weekend had been titled, “We Are Not Alone” and it was the first time I’d ever met anyone using the term “Light Worker”. CCC came together as a think tank for developing methods of advancing consciousness based on the wheel of co-creation we framed out in LA. The goal was to combine our group intuitive coherence as a synergistic collective. Focusing our intentions on forming a hub for conscious co-creation to evolve and facilitated all aspects of humanity. Initially I was solely interested in advancing group meditation with other experienced practitioners, however what we shared was so much more.

I was introduced to many practices including; the Vista method for cultivating vibration with group communications from Dr. Ron and Victoria Friedman. Shelly Darling introduced me to Golden Light Dowsing and Darlis Mayes Akashic records readings. Reiki Master Linda Rosenthal explored energy lines and chakra clearing, Dr. Mitch Tishler Seeing With Heart and Dinah Ma Pachamama Gaia wisdom. So many Alchemists, Natural Healers, Holistic Doctors, Channels, Psychics and all manner of environmental activists and intuitive souls. This was certainly a group of incredible people with so much love to share, it took me months to ground all that we learned and figure out why I had even been there.

My experience with CCC changed my world view and helped me drop my fear based limitations. Showing up, here and now. Open heart felt communication does not seem natural at first, some are shy and reserved about connecting this way. I felt like shouting love from the rooftops! Although it’s taken me a very long walk across America, Europe, Asia and back again to even begin sharing my thoughts..

Overcoming fear and ridicule to express spiritual truth is the path. In meditation we trust self, our choices and the people and events that manifest. Self reflection requires honesty, courage and humility. The infinite and connected path of transformation is ever more valuable when shared.

A monk once ask me; who am I to effect the life of any other? I spent a long time thinking about this question before concluding.. I AM that I AM. As we create the time and space to feel deeply into this perspective, we realize that we are all the I AM presence. Within self we are all the absolute, infinite expressions of existence and creation. We are all infinite light beings having this physical experience.

In a moment we may awaken to this and in the next we may return to unconsciousness. It’s really a game of hide ‘n self where we play with a vast multidimensional consciousness. At times we deny our infinite possibilities, this serves to separate perspective and self. To arrive in a space of honoring all paths, it became a daily mantra, a humble and moving meditation.

Wholeness and balanced vibrations to you all.