Rickshaw Roadtrip: Day 8

Kenicamz #67: Welcome to The Phet Hotel, Kamphaeng Phet! Great nights sleep in our ‘funky’ luxury rest stop. Outta road mode, into hotel mode. This town ain’t spicy after all, it’s named after it’s Earthen brick “Diamond” shaped wall. Hot showers and clean sheets, massages and vegan treats. Wholeness, Keni & Jamie


Rickshaw Roadtrip: Day 7

Kenicamz #66: We’re a week into our rickshaw road trip through the heat of early summer in the middle of Thailand. 350km from home, half way between Chiang Mai and Bangkok. We’ve been hanging on for a real hotel hot water scrub down. The Phet Hotel, Kamphaeng Phet was our luxury oasis in this historical riverside town. Also our first chance to get online, review footage from our journey and do a bit of editing. Thanks for keeping up with our adventures guys. Wholeness, Keni & Jamie


Rickshaw Roadtrip: Day 6

Kenicamz #65: We made it to Tak, ain’t no going back! Super happy people wherever we go, where to service a Rickshaw, nobody knows? Lucky for us we found a oldie, worldy shop, she had some spare parts so we took the lot! No expectations tricky squirrel is a great place to eat, gotta keep moving, staying upbeat with another 60km, now we digging deep! Wholeness, Keni & Jamie