The Time Is All Ways Now! 1/3

KENICAMZ #81: “BE HERE NOW” echoed Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass. Living in the moment is a powerful posture, yet how many consciously practice presence? Way I see it in the face paced world, one must come to manifest their own timeless moments. How often do we stop the clock to ponder; to meditate in what our time experience actually is? Tolle’s Power of Now and New Earth are great conversation starters with self. Here I feel to expand in some ways my ideas of our ever emerging consciousness; does one wake up to the infinite now when one real-eye all is all-ready here? Evolving in Wholeness, Keni.


Locked Out. Gone Phishing..

KENICAMZ #80: What a looong week, keeping it real why share ones negativity? What good comes from complaining? Why does misery love company? When the shift hits the fan what good may become of it? How does one feel better, grow and move beyond it? Being present in the now my friends.. in joy the ride, all ways. Wholeness, Keni.


Baby Diary: Week 22 – 23

Kenicamz #79: Look at you GROW! Speedy weeks from spaghetti squash to super sized mango! We had a random rain storm, perfect as mom has been feeling too warm. We over talked a bit, oh well lots to share about when people ask if you’re a he, she or it? To us you are everything and anything you want, the infinite invitation to love you no matter what! Patience is a virtue, so let it be. Wholeness is balance, Jamie and Keni xo