My New Vlogging Schedule!

KENICAMZ #108: My new upload schedule, feeling good already! Keeping my longer conversations to 3 days per week so I can keep all my long winded waffling on those days and get back to the short purposeful, concise and easy to watch vlogs the for rest of the week! Wholeness and balance.


Fan Mail Friday: What is Bitcoin?

KENICAMZ #107: Fan mail Friday is upon us and I don’t know what happened to my shorter vlogs? Oh well, there’s a lot of great questions to cover and well, thanks for watching and asking them folks. Stay tuned for more Q&A next Friday and post whatever you want to know down below. Wholeness.


You Now Sharing Soon!

KENICAMZ #106: Yesterday was a super long talk. Today I’m making notes to be concise and efficient lol. Flow is great, getting to the point is better lol! Conversation coming with Seb soon for our first live co-stream on YouNow!