Brexit Backhands Billions To Bankers

KENICAMZ #127: Happy Sunday folks, well Brexit definitely seems to have caused quite a stir especially with friends and family back in the UK. Not claiming to be any authority on economy or European politics, I have however been watching the events on a global stage.

We may not know what the future holds for Britain and most importantly the people as a result of this vote. However I feel in the midst of all this uncertainty, a silver lining could in some ways be the stimulus for people to research the bigger picture and consider alternative information.

One source I recommend is Jeff Berwick’s efforts with The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) and specifically his expose of the Shemitah and Jubilee trends. I don’t know where you may be on your path of awakening so I won’t go too hard or fast delivering this information. I’ve found over the years that the key is simply to offer information to assist others in forming their own conclusions.

In my experience the process can provoke many emotions from fear, rejection, anger and despair. No one can doubt our world is changing and not always as it seems. My invitation is to remain in the heart, research your own answers and remember we are all in this together. Continue to questioning everything, especially what you see in the mainstream misinformation programming.

Wholeness, Keni


Alleycatz Chiang Mai

KENICAMZ #127: Why do I blog? Why do I love to capture moments and share them on the internet? Man, what’s the point they say? Well what else would you do if you had the time? It’s my gift to the future.

Share your journey, share your life. Live in your joy and have as much fun as possible, that’s what it’s all about to me anyways. Here’s a short vlog from last weeks Alleycatz street race run by my good friend Ganji. What a great fun and competitive event, I’m really thankful for being a part of and looking forward to have a crack at the next one!

If you’re ever in Chiang Mai and want to tune up your bike while getting some bomb vegan food and the most amazing chocolate banana coconut milk shakes then hit him up at Two Revolutions

Wholeness, Keni


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

KENICAMZ #126: Here’s the lost podcast from Friday’s YouNow. Starts a bit slow, audio cuts in and out and titling is wrong.. However it gets better for those who’re committed! Talking with the gang about getting online and overcoming “Imposter Syndrome”.

Growing your confindence and being yourself has great value to your online business. Online marketers are always talking about being personable, honest and transparent to help grown their audience. Our personal blogs are like shop windows and our social media profiles are our best billboards. So I guess you could say that live streaming is like literally standing outside of our stores and talking to the crowd. We really have so many tools and paths available to grow in the digital space, what an amazing time to be an entrepreneur!

Being and becoming an online “mentor/coach” is also a common revenue stream for my digital friends. While proficiency in that role is something that obviously comes with experience. I feel that sharing your personal journey from the start only adds value and authenticity when encouragement others to get online. So the time is ever now when it comes to starting your own blog.

Wholeness, Keni