KENICAMZ #137: 5/5 Final part of this weeks podcast and we’re finishing with some random questions from the chat room. Whenever I’m faced with a this or that option, my best answer is do both. I really love hanging out with you all and this podcast was another epic journey of all kinds of subjects. I love doing podcasts for the longer free flow, the unexpected questions and getting to interact real-time in the chat room. Keeping it real, raw, unedited and ttly Keni.

To tune in to the next show, we still haven’t figured out a regular call time yet as we’re doing our best to pick a time that fits with the most people and at the moment that looks like we gonna sync with west coast PST. Until then my best advice is to fan my YouNow profile, look out for allow notifications and I’ll Tweet before hand with as much notice as possible. Thanks for watching everyone!

Wholeness, Keni


Do Racial Preferences Support Racism?

KENICAMZ #136: Podcast part 4/5 we got talking about racism in the adult industry as well as racism in wider society. How we deal with stereo-types and how we respond to personal preferences has always made me wonder, does this by default play to the foundations of racism itself? More over by identifying people by “racial” characteristics, aren’t we then missing out on connecting with the diversity of all races?

I can’t tell you how many times I been getting into it with a woman and they have to mention; Oh I’ve never been with an Asian man before, I always thought.. (insert racial stereotype) then expect me not to be dimly offended behind my erection? It doesn’t matter how good the sex is, you just showed your ugly underlying racial ignorance. I don’t get off on sexual humiliation or punishment; but if I did..

Anyway I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, even the ladies in the room on this chat didn’t quite see my perspective on this either. What I’m saying is this, if you see humans as humans, beauty as beauty; under the exterior and into the heart of everyone you connect with. Then ultimately racial preferences become incredibly superfluous and superficial factors.

Unconditional love has no boundaries, attraction is perhaps a much more complex and individual perspective but can we ask ourselves honestly where does it comes from and more so how does it persist? I extend to you that as long as we keep supporting each other and seeing beyond that we will welcome a whole new world and find that we can have lovers and friends of all races. As Bob sang so righteously, “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright” 🙂

Wholeness, Keni

*Note: this broadcast was Mon 4th July before the recent events in America where race fueled violence has lead to innocent lives lost.*


Let’s Talk About Porn Fans..

KENICAMZ #135: Part 3/5 of Monday’s YouNow. So we get going in the chat room talking about Pornstars, who I know and don’t know. Which brings me back to a thing that has always puzzled me: What is it about porn that makes fans get so infatuated with adult performers?

Now I know that some, maybe even most will say that is the price you pay for sharing such ‘intimate’ sex acts with the world. Yet I wonder, does that really justify some of the behavior that otherwise ‘normal’ people get into when they meet their favorite sex stars in public? My take is that for some people the fantasy builds such a mental or emotional attachment with their chosen ‘idol’ that they feel a strong draw to actually be personally involved in performers lives.. many times intimately.

This can truly be a gift and a curse. Many relish the attention, some even crave it for their own healing. However the flip is that for many of the girls I know, dealing with incessant stalkers is a real concern. Do I believe anyone deserves to live with the constant anxiety of having their personal space invaded or even threatened? Absolutely not, however for many in the industry that’s a reality.

The take away, for me anyway is really to highlight the energetic connection that we often overlook in sexual interactions. When we engage the universal creative energy, we might consider the implications of accumulated residual energy. Not only through physical contact but also via the un-quantifiable, non-physical imagination. Sex can be one hell of a drug. Can the collective say.. adDICKted?

Wholeness, Keni