Vegans On A Rainy Day!

It’s not even monsoon season yet and look at this rain! I think it’s something to do with a cold front meeting the hot we’ve been sweating in lately, something like that lol. Anyway like I said, island life is like this,weather rolls in and out in minutes and in the tropics you just have to roll with it. One minute you run for cover and by the time you get there it’s over lol!

So today has turned into a indoors rainy day catch up, which we haven’t done for ages. Jamie and Kai have been nursing and napping on and off as he’s having another round of teething pains. I’ve been able to catch up on my friends channels as well as get some blog admin done. So if you like vegan YouTubers check out SebCamTV, VeganHustleTV, VeganGeezer and the VegetablePolice.

Not much else to report, we’re having snack rehab withdrawals lol! We promised ourselves and Kai that we were quitting the vegan junk foods and snacks. We’re now only eating things that are “ok” for Kai to share with us. That way he’s not feeling left out whenever we get the munchies and we’re eating a lot more fruits and raw veggies at the moment. He loves gumming on cucumber sticks and tiny broccoli tree tops, he also goes insane for smoothies and juices! 🙂

Happy, healthy and thriving vegan babies will rule this world soon!



When It Rains In Phuket..

It’s so beautiful and refreshing. So when the rain does come it’s quite a sudden relief from the sweltering heat. The air temperature cools down as the rain falls and sometimes it comes down so hard it’s hilariously intense. I like it, it’s like nature upgraded regular rain drops to water bombs.

As we’re on an island the rain comes as fast as it goes and it’s literally like someone turned off the tap. Immediately after the rains stops something else suddenly becomes alarmingly apparent, humidity. Like huuuumidity, like you’re in the shower wet, like your breathing underwater wearing spongebob square pants. It’s so draining that all you want to do is lay down and melt. Well that is, if you have something to melt on..

Surprise surprise! What’s that wetness I’m feeling, we’re looking out the window and admiring the force of rain that’s coming down. Kai is licking the window like a mad man wondering why he can’t taste the stuff falling from the sky and all of a sudden we look down and realize, our feet are wet.. no wait we’re standing in a puddle?

Yep low and behold we just got flooded, actually we were being flooded even as we were recording the time lapse and now we have a 2 inch indoor paddling pool for Kai lol. It was steady pouring in and by the time we got everything up off the floor and scratching our heads about what to do. Our landlady turned up banging on our door with two helpers armed with mops and buckets to blitz the whole apartment right away.

Jamie says that’s the “best flooding” she’s ever had and she’s had a fair few guys. So all in all a hot, sticky and very wet eventful day here in Kamala. We didn’t even go down to the beach today, we’ve heard after the rains if you go on the sand you’ll get mobbed by sand fleas so no thanks, they leave a crazy itchy and spotty rash.

No worries though, we had fun at home drying out and appreciating the, straight forward get things done attitude of Thais. Life is good, thanks for watching and sharing the journey with us guys. See you tomorrow!



New Apartment; New Audience?

Welcome to the new apartment we found in Kamala, Phuket. We’re staying here for 5-6 weeks and we’re the first in as the owner has literally just finished remodeling, ooh so clean. We appreciate her westernized standards, our internet is super fast and there’s a lot of natural light which we love. Luckily the next house above us on the hill shades us from the midday sun so it also stays nice and cool. That with the steady sea breeze coming up the valley, this place feels like a perfect fit.

We dropped our bags and headed off to explore (get lost) in the local community and surroundings. We’ve been told there’s a locals market on twice a week here. So we’re off to find it which will be a welcome break from those “farang” resort prices we’ve been paying around town this past week. It’s funny how quickly we got used to Thai prices. Once you know what things cost, well it’s no fun paying double or triple the going rate.

Talking about the blog, channel and brand again. It’s been an ongoing thing. There’s not much content left to upload for those who only came to see the porn me. Although most of those old viewers have already moved on and that’s great. Those who’ve stayed, I appreciate you. You’ve watched me grow through some life changes and now start a family. We’ve gotten to know some of you really well over the years and I guess that’s why we feel you may be able to help?

After yesterday’s affirmation about daily vlogging, we’ve decided to also work on our channel branding. It may simply be a new channel trailer, just to introduce us as three and show new visitors what we’re about. Since we’re still a newish channel, I don’t think it’ll hurt to test new genres and see which suits us best.

In the beginning the blog was all about a lonely stoner sharing his adventures in porn. Now I’m a Dad and we’re a family blogging about becoming the best parents we can be. Would re-branding actually be worth it or are we doing just fine as is? It’d be great to hear from some viewers and co-create the future of our blog with you. In 5 words, please tell us how you’d describe our blog?

The art of allowing creates space for every path, though one must still find a direction to have any choice where he is heading.