KENICAMZ #111: Welcome to Chiang Mai RT4 Bike and Veg Fest 2016 folks, take care on the roads y’all! Don’t forget Ganji has a AlleyCatz race coming up this month. Bitcoin jumped up 25% since last week! We’re so happy to have bought in and urge others to before the unstable global economy continues to drive crypto currency value way up! As always do the research for yourself, it could really help you moving forwards. Wholeness. End of Now


Fan Mail Friday: What is Bitcoin?

KENICAMZ #107: Fan mail Friday is upon us and I don’t know what happened to my shorter vlogs? Oh well, there’s a lot of great questions to cover and well, thanks for watching and asking them folks. Stay tuned for more Q&A next Friday and post whatever you want to know down below. Wholeness.


February Finances & Feelings

Many “Digital Nomads” move to Chiang Mai to become online entrepreneurs and fall flat before their first visa run. In my opinion there’s so many internet gurus claiming overnight success they’ve created unrealistic expectations. Living a dream to sell a dream only to wake up broke. In my experience building a online brand and income takes time and effort, more work than most are willing to apply honestly. Get rich quick is a promise that inevitably leads the employee minded back to the system.. and not all systems empower equally.

Sustainable blogging is about finding the niche you’re passionate about and consistently creating value. Get ready to put in way more overtime than any J.O.B that you’re thinking of quitting, there’s a lot to learn. However it’s all available and most of what I’ve learned to get started was free. So no more doom and gloom, the internet is infinitely scale-able, accessible, automatable and the ultimate prize is freedom.

Cost of living in Chiang Mai, keeping it real. Here’s a cribs style tour of our “live in storage unit”. Our simple home meets more than our basic needs and we’re glad to share transparently with you all. Since we’ve been together our plan has been to build wealth with experiences not things. We do love having a place to store our “stuff” and feel comfy. Though the less we spend on home, the more we’re inspired to get out there and travel. Our apartments rent, electric, water and high speed fiber-optic internet costs less than 5000 Baht per month. That’s about $140 USD, a fraction of apartment rent anywhere else we’ve lived and only slightly more than the tiny storage unit we paid for in the states while we were on the road.

Living expenses; we pay ourselves 7000 Baht ($200 USD) a week and we barely get through it. Even spoiling ourselves, getting massages, gifting and supporting all our favorite vegan restaurants. All in 33,000 Baht ($940 USD) per month is way above our average monthly spend and we’ve allowed for this intentionally in preparation towards more expensive adventures.

This also promotes our energetic “flow”, we’ve learned that law of attraction responds clearer to how we feel than how we think. Consider the path of each manifestation, is the origin thought or feeling based? Scarcity is often thought a based fear while abundance is actual feelings manifest. Of course intention, vibration, manifestation are all ways subject to perspective.

Finally everything else goes directly to our Bitcoin holdings. We appreciate the process of investing (notice it’s not saving) gives us a greater sense of satisfaction and security than banking. It’s a simple choice to live this way and we’re thankful that as a family we’re able to explore the world, grow our business and invest in the future.