Baby Week 29 – NO MORE SEX!

KENICAMZ #110: Pregnancy journal week 29 and we’ve stopped having sex! Lots more gentle cuddles and kisses, no penetration. We had a scare last week and went to the clinic, we think it was orgasm related so now we’ve both decided it’s time to stop. Since then we’re noticing Braxton Hicks contractions 2-3 each day since, so taking everything extra careful and reminding Mom to calm down and relax. You’re the size of a Butternut Squash now by the way, that means you’re taking up most of the space in there.
Be nice to Mom and see you soon! Wholeness.

Streamy Rainy Days!!

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  1. joyce says:

    Used to get those when I crossed our scariest bridge where we live. Elevate feet at all possible and avoid salty food, can prolly use gentle leg massage along calf muscle to sacrum “tailbone” thru to glutes. Of course lying sideline with pillows aligned for support. During braxton hicks good time to practice breathing and keigles. Oh and happy father’s day!

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