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KENICAMZ #144: When I think about the new generation, I’m filled with excitement at what an incredible time it is to be alive! We no longer have to dream about what life would be like to quit the old world systems. Faster and faster as it unravels we’re breaking free and unplugging from the 9-5 cubicle. Awakening to wander, travel and explore our worldly passions. Rediscovering our sovereign rights, exercising our creative gifts and sharing our joy with the free world.

This shift may not even grace the peripherals of Kai’s world view at all in the future. Becoming an online Entrepreneur is a valid career path and a reality that’s available for every young master growing up today. This high speed, fiber-optic “light” age presents so many opportunities for aspiring content creators to express, document and monetize their efforts. Many vloggers are already years in, leading the way and showing their audiences how the internet has empowered and supported their freedom.

Becoming digital nomads ourselves, Jamie and I have been fortunate to experience this lifestyle for a few years already. We’ve listened, learned and taken action to build some passive incomes already and when we do want to work, we only do what we love. We know not everyone is aligned with being on Pornstarcamz and for sure our sexual liberation is not comfortable for everyone. So since Kai’s been on his way we’ve been expanding our efforts to include more family friendly activities.

YouTube is something that we can all do together and building an audience and social media following seems like a great way to set him up with a solid opportunity. While he may turn around and say he’s not interested at all as he grows up, I’m confident we will still teach him a great set of skills that he could literally apply to any online venture. So no matter what path Kai chooses to pursue in life, blogging could provide a great foundation. Wholeness.

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