Body Positive Moms Rule The World!

I love Jamie so much. I feel extremely blessed to share life with a woman and mother who is dedicated to being and becoming her best expression of herself. She inspires me to be the best partner I can be and the love we’ve found in ourselves helps bring wholeness and balance to our relationship.

Jamie has not always enjoyed being on camera in her private life. I feel like she’s warmed to the idea since being with me, however she’s normally a private person. Some of you may think that’s ironic given our pasts, however when we first met we were playing roles in a fantasy world. Lalaland is a town full of characters living out their dreams and illusions, many of them to escape from self. In my opinion, reality is a much more loving, forgiving and wholesome place to be with self. These contrasting experiences will sure add a lil flavor for our Grandpa Keni and Granny Jammy’s life stories in years to come.

With illusion comes huge expectancy and society has only added to the pressure on women to be, look and act a certain way. I feel the feminine is relentlessly attacked, bullied and manipulated by media and marketing. Masculinity has too, however in very different ways. This opposing social programming of our sexual energies runs generations deep. For many of us, shifting through the layers of self judgement is an ongoing process. Forgiveness and allowing is a daily practice towards ones own inner peace. Not for appearances or in pieces, truly it is a genuine inner wholeness.

Celebrating Jamie is a huge expression of love for us individually, as parents and as family. Sharing our joy with you all is never to gloat or boast, it’s simply to be accountable and inspire love. Being the love we wish to see in the world and to be the love for others too, especially new Mothers. Let go of the expectations and opinions of others and feel fully into what you want for your self and your child, your true self.

Being with self, loving where we are and creating a vision of where we want to be. Allowing ourselves time and space to feel aligned with our goals from a positive place. A journey in joy will naturally lead to a joy-full place. Ones can’t focus on what they don’t want to arrive where they DO want to be.

Loving our body positive Momma’s; and Fathers too.


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