Cleaning Up Our Act

Cigarette butts are the single most littered item on the planet! While that doesn’t surprise me, it’s still shocking to think about and even more sobering to see a physical representation of our laziness. Look how we’re trashing our planet, our home and our children’s inheritance.

We all, all ready know better, so let’s do better and clean up our act. No one’s excused from taking part, even the smallest step makes the biggest difference. Meditating through our personal actions, being and becoming ever more conscious of our decisions and our effect on others. Living by our best example and not wasteful minded as we real-eyes the greater cost of our consumption.

Oneness, awareness and heart lead effort spreads from personal in-spirations to touch others around us. Through family and friends to community, then globally to humanity. That’s how the shift is all ready happening, the collective embracing compassion for each other and the animals we share our paradise with. We will co-create Heaven on Earth, as the Gods are no longer dreaming. We are waking and walking masters of this You-niverse and from the absolute, our moment to create change is all ways now.

Oh and talking about Heaven on Earth, how about we super-size some freedom! Freedom to be as we are, natural, beautiful and empowered beings. Sure we will feed our babies when and where ever we feel to, the world is all ways how we see it. When children are hungry let’s feed and love them unconditionally. Feel no shame of who you be and who others be. Simply claim sovereignty as your divine birth right, your freedom and liberty.

So enough hippy love for you today? Don’t fear I AM as we all are, the limitless expression of self. Perfect reflection of vibration from the infinite abundance to man-i-fest in each moment. Yin existence harmoniously in balance with Yang creation be-comes the Word. Talk about miracles, this is it: You waking up to your own divinity.. we are who we’ve been waiting for all this time, it’s just some of us forgot along the way.

So yeah.. that’s what’s up homies, nice to see you again! In la’kech ala kin šŸ™‚


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