Dang More Watermelon!

Everyone loves watermelon right? Well we do, we share a watermelon every morning in our house and Kai has been eyeing up our smoothies for weeks now. We’ve been planning to introduce some fruits to his so far exclusively breast fed diet once he was 6 months old. However as with most things we’re completely open to change. Baby lead development feels right for us, we feel everyone’s needs and requirements are individual and we all grow at our own pace. Kai has already been making it clear to us that he wants in on our fruity action and any chance he gets he’ll gum watermelon froth off our fingers like a rabid beast.

“Food before one is just for fun”, is what a lot of mothers say and we don’t disagree. We’ve read up on gastrointestinal readiness and digestive maturity, he’s on par with the medical consensus of near 6 months. Of course we aren’t in any hurry to reduce or replace Kai’s nursing sessions, he now feeds like a champ and we’re thankful J’s production responds well to his demand. For us a happy and healthy baby is all about mothers milk and stress-free nursing. We know that for many reasons some mom choose to move to formula, we almost did in the challenging early latching days. However we still feel to promote as much as we can the benefits of natures made to order nourishment. Ounce for ounce breast milk has way more calories and nutrients than any other baby safe food, as well as immunity boosting benefits tailored specifically to mother and baby’s immediate health and environment. Needless to say we love that Mom and Kai have been able to build their breast feeding bond and we support more informed sharing and encouragement on that topic.

Back to watermelons, we acknowledge Kai’s desire to be part of meal times with us and support his willingness to learn, practice and explore in his own time. From our observations he’s showing great signs of interest so far, sure he’s not quite there for holding or chewing on solids yet and we aren’t wanting to rush him either. We’re just happy for him to play and familiarize himself with how fruits feel, smell, look and taste. He’s currently set on exploring the world by sticking everything else in his mouth, so we may as well provide fruits.

Some facts you might not know; “Dang more” is Thai for watermelon, red (dang) more (melon). If you’re visiting Thailand ask for “dang more pun” that’s water melon smoothie and “mai sai nam da” means no added syrup. There’s 6 grams of protein in every kg of watermelon, a good slice covers a third of your vitamin A and C RDA’s and guys munch them seeds for your seeds. Mineral rich and loaded with phosphorous, iron, potassium, sodium, copper, manganese and zinc. Tip from the trade, it keeps your loads bright white and tasting right! You know them ladies talk.

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