Do Racial Preferences Support Racism?

KENICAMZ #136: Podcast part 4/5 we got talking about racism in the adult industry as well as racism in wider society. How we deal with stereo-types and how we respond to personal preferences has always made me wonder, does this by default play to the foundations of racism itself? More over by identifying people by “racial” characteristics, aren’t we then missing out on connecting with the diversity of all races?

I can’t tell you how many times I been getting into it with a woman and they have to mention; Oh I’ve never been with an Asian man before, I always thought.. (insert racial stereotype) then expect me not to be dimly offended behind my erection? It doesn’t matter how good the sex is, you just showed your ugly underlying racial ignorance. I don’t get off on sexual humiliation or punishment; but if I did..

Anyway I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, even the ladies in the room on this chat didn’t quite see my perspective on this either. What I’m saying is this, if you see humans as humans, beauty as beauty; under the exterior and into the heart of everyone you connect with. Then ultimately racial preferences become incredibly superfluous and superficial factors.

Unconditional love has no boundaries, attraction is perhaps a much more complex and individual perspective but can we ask ourselves honestly where does it comes from and more so how does it persist? I extend to you that as long as we keep supporting each other and seeing beyond that we will welcome a whole new world and find that we can have lovers and friends of all races. As Bob sang so righteously, “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright” 🙂

Wholeness, Keni

*Note: this broadcast was Mon 4th July before the recent events in America where race fueled violence has lead to innocent lives lost.*

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3 responses to “Do Racial Preferences Support Racism?”

  1. R says:

    Hey Keni i’ve been following for quite a long time now. Its sad to hear you’ve left the porn industry because of such negativity, but you need to realise what you was doing for asian males in porn was not a bad thing. Disregarding the fact you felt you were supporting these racist male asian activists, you need to realise that you weren’t supporting them and the reason they feel the way they do is because of oppression similar to that of black activists and how they feel they are unequally treated by police at this current moment. What we all want as human beings deep down is equality and in doing what you were doing you were creating equality in an area in which asians males are still being oppressed, specifically by western media and hollywood. You need to realise you were fighting for equality and that is against racism itself. In time if you were to have succeeded in what you had set to do, those angry activists would disperse, reason being they would no longer have anything to feel unequal to as that is what you would have restored, cancelling racism out altogether as we are all shown and interpreted on an equal playing field in which right now we’re not. I hope this makes sense and sheds a different light onto what you intended to do, as you shouldn’t feel guilty. I’m sure you will hear from me again. Your fan R.

    • Keni says:

      Hello R,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I feel you and appreciate you for sharing perspectives. Perhaps we can be more specific about some of your comments? Is it sad for who and who has left the porn industry? Do you feel I was doing a bad thing or supporting racism, because I certainly don’t. What you feel I “need” to realize is your point of view and how do you feel I am disregarding any other while saying I was fighting for equality? I’m clear with my choices and whether perceived good or bad I see it all as part of my story.

      I agree that many humans (not all) seek equality and I get why people and groups feel discriminated against and poorly represented. I have been there too, I have lived in many countries as an ethnic minority and held similar views of self lack. “In time” perhaps others will realize that I am not fighting for anything, I’ve already done plenty of that this lifetime. I’m simply expressing myself and sexuality, I am owning my own representation of self. If this realization is fully embraced the take away might be that we are all responsible for our own existence and can BE empowered beyond these many layers of perceived circumstances.

      Perhaps we could further this discussion by exploring what oppression actually means to us? I’m not talking about dictionary definition, I’m talking about perspective. Who is the one who is oppressed and who is the original oppressor? Who holds a less than empowered perspective of self, who seeks external verification or representation in others? Who is angry and what is the original source of their anger? Who feels guilty and who is projecting any guilt? Do you see where I am going with this inquiry, are you willing to innerstand this for a moment, even theoretically?

      Contrary to your observations, I do feel as if I have succeeded in my life and I continue to be and become my own expression of success. I know I am equal and on the same playing field as any other. I can not be oppressed as I create my reality as I wish. I do not feel to seek representation in any other, I am the original expression of self. With that I feel empowered and free from the opinions or limitations of others. How others choose to see me is up to them, however my intention is simply to inspire by who I be and how I live my life. Not that I hold any attachment to any others way, I am in joy on my path.. as all can be on their own path.

      I am not saying your perspective is wrong, I am saying it is yours. Own this and accept that you create what is to you, that’s what we’re all here to do after all right? I cannot help any other move towards freedom from a place of limitation or to inner strength from a perspective of weakness. Ultimately how you see equality restored and racism cancelled will not be satisfied until that self-fulfilling prophecy is achieved. Even if this means you feel some Asian porn actor is the way, then I see you as becoming the greatest Asian porn actor you can be.

      Finally I am humbled to engage this conversation with you, thank you for offering me the opportunity to expand on this. Love yourself and the world will love you. Be happy with yourself and the world around you will become more happy. You can do this now no other is stopping you. It is merely a matter of perspective and taking action, don’t wait for any other to realize this or represent this for you. Be the creator of the world you want to see. If anything I hope that I may inspire others to be their best example and collectively we will realize our purpose for existing.


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