The Sacrifice Of Starting A Family

Every morning we do our best to help mom catch up with sleep. She’s up a few times a night to nurse, I’m sure other breastfeeding moms know all about that. So once the sun comes up it’s dad mode. That’s Kai’s favorite time to play of course, so we roll around in bed, enjoy the morning rays and once he’s done with his morning feed we head out.

Back online after a long weekend away from the blog and wanted to share some thoughts about recent channel comments. Someone asked if I have any regrets about becoming a parent and what’s the biggest sacrifice? I never thought becoming a dad would change me much, though I knew I wasn’t always ready to be a parent. Sure there was a time when I’d have had to make a lot of changes to commit to family life.

Thing is since Kai has been a part of our life, ever since before he was born. I’ve not felt for a single moment that we’ve made a sacrifice. From my point of view there’s no regrets and I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting or getting ahead of myself. I just know every choice mom and I make puts him as our priority and it’s no sacrifice, it’s a blessing.

I guess the point is I feel very thankful to be a parent right now and although we’re only beginning this journey, I’m really excited about our future. Perhaps above all it’s less about timing and more about perspective. Sacrifice comes from a place of lack, appreciation comes from a place of love.

Unconditional love.

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