Welcome back to the blog! New year resolutions and review of the most amazing year of our lives, becoming parents to Kai. Here’s his first 100 day photo diary https://www.instagram.com/kenistyles

Thankful for this moment, a day when each one I see is reflecting and reviewing their past few moments and looking forwards on some moments to come.

Time is a revolving trip to me, seeing self in and out of sync with some kind of fondness for memories that lead us here. All while as I close my eyes and focus enough, it’s still vividly here right now. So many smiles and laughs to choose from, cherry picking those delicious blissful ones, such blessings.

Looking back this may seem a riddle of sorts, however a part of me relates to you, a voice that connects the observer to the observed. We’re infinite beings, ever being and becoming. No more real has this become than waking up with Kai pulling on my chin. Real-eyes his beautiful face, always full with gummy smiles and from the day we first met he has known this truth. Unconditional love, as one we are made of this.

With this fresh feeling I say, I love you. Whenever and where ever we met through this play, you are here in my heart today. Thank you for seeing me and sharing some moments, here’s to many more reflections of self in gratitude for love and life.

Happy New Year 2017.. oh and Bitcoin is back at $1000 yay!!

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