Home Sweet Home Stay!

Kenicamz #70: We’re back in Chiang Mai recovering from the ‘Rickshaw Roadtrip’. Had a great night fundraising with the gang and our beloved Maria who is right now on a mission in Nepal. She’s the unconditional love that we all wish to see in the world. We checked out the Home Stay resort that turned out to be such a beautiful space that just didn’t fit. Now we’re planning our next trip and as long as the smoke stays away, we’ll be in town for a little bit. Wholeness, Keni & Jamie xo

To find out more about the ‘Happy Kids Center‘ please visit their gofundme page and see what you could do to help. May we all keep paying the love forward for those who are in need. The truest gift is in giving.

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Rickshaw Roadtrip: Day 10

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