I Got Pregnant Watching Your Videos!

KENICAMZ #131: Talking bout twitter and hanging out in chat with our YouNow friends. “I Got Pregnant Watching Your Videos!” is something you don’t hear everyday, makes me smile in a slightly involved yet supportive way. That’s a plus of being in adult movies I guess, people invite you deep into their personal lives. It reminds me of the porn events I attended, meeting “fans” live in the flesh was always interesting. It’s cool to glimpse the sex lives of strangers and some of the propositions I heard over the years give me hope for a sexually free and liberated world! You never know where a live conversation is heading. Up the bum in this case, actually up the lovely rear of Ms India Summers. She’s such a beautiful woman, we’ve enjoyed some incredible times together.

Those of you working on traffic gen, blogging and home businesses, I’m finding the YouNow platform is really helpful. I started thinking I’d have to make a timetable or structure to my podcasts. Perhaps make it a bigger event and put pressure on myself to produce and meet my own deadlines. Now I’m finding it’s easier to be fluid while engaging and building my brand. Vlogging with more freedom to create that which inspires me. While days with less “action” having the option to go live is always adding to a steady online growth for the blog. Online marketers talk a lot of fluff in my opinion, so being live helps keep it real, which in my experience is the key to connecting and inspiring others to take action.

Shout out to everyone who came to the hang out and thanks to YouNow over the past few weeks and I think it’s a perfect tool for creating content. Sure the video quality could be better, I just see it as a fair trade off for being live and interactive. If you’d like to join us on the next live stream don’t forget to turn on notifications and fan my YouNow.

Wholeness, Keni

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  1. Margaret says:

    This was great! Sorry I missed this live. Been going through a tough time and the community around you, Keni, on YouNow is great. Thanks for sharing.

    • Keni says:

      Thanks for watching and checking in Margaret. I see you coming through stronger day by day, thanks for being a part of the community and of course if there’s ever anything I can do to help.. I’m here.

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