Mom Shaming Sucks!

Happy Sunday salutations! What a full week it has been since our last post, how do you feel about the new look? I’ve been messing around in the back end and refreshed the blog design. I switched themes for the new year and installed some more plugins to prep for new products I’ll be promoting. Also I’m uploading the vlog archives many of you’ve been asking for over on the YouTube channel. All in all a super productive week as well as rolling around and having fun with the fam, life’s good.

Occasionally Jamie gets drawn out of our baby bliss bubble and into the social media safari that is Facebook Mom’s groups. She’s a self confessed “free-birth warrior princess” and sometimes sticking up for the other home birthers can be pretty savage lol. The first rule of Mom is obviously not being nice to each other. Jamie and I do not stand for shaming and we do our best to live our example by not judging others and their choices. I like to see it as a moving meditation and of course we’re constantly catching each other. Sometimes we feel best letting thoughts go and sometimes it feels better to voice it out.

Anyways, we’re at it together and we’re in practice with this ever being and becoming stuff. Bringing balance and innerstanding to the fore front of our world view has served us greatly. Sure we hit bumps and make interesting detours, one thing we re-member and re-mind each other is to seeing with heart. It doesn’t mean you have to be a push over, it means you create space to accept every way as a way. Allowing much more room in our world for every ONE to fit! 🙂

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