Newborn Month One #DadLife

KENICAMZ #143: Howdy friends, ok so some of you who’ve been following our life have been wondering where we disappeared to since the birth of our child? Well it’s been a whirlwind month and oh man has it been humbling. We are so in awe and love with our newborn baby Kai, everything about him is so perfect and we feel so very blessed. Gushing newborn parents, I now finally get you now lol! Every time I look at him and his Mom my heart simply melts and there really is not enough words to describe this feeling. Unconditional love.

So to avoid repeating myself over and over, thanks for watching the vlog. There is so much happening right now in life and so much to talk about. I’ll get round to it in upcoming vlogs, now that we seem to have settled into a loose kind of schedule with baby now. Although that keep changing literally day by day lol. One thing I can promise you though is that I’m be back to vlogging regularly again, lots of fantastic news to come. Everything from new crypto-currency opportunities, my season one Kenicamz archive is currently being re-upped and we’ve made some fun new plans for the channel! As always, thank you all so much for sharing our journey with us and here’s to many new adventures. Follow our photo diary on Instagram! #DadLife!

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Welcome To The World Baby Kai

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