Meet Mr Harry Runs!

What’s good! Yeah guys thanks for all the positivity in the comments lately, I’ve taken a break from replying to them as I’m sure you can innerstand why. I will get back to you ALL though, just after I catch up with these written posts! 🙂

Harry and Louise are here! These guys are a beautiful couple who also live in Chiang Mai and we’ve been friends for a couple years now. They were literally two of the first people to meet Kai and hold him when he was a newborn. We absolutely adore seeing how he is with them both now, he clearly loves them so much awww lol!

So when they moved out here they both taught English at international schools and now they’re following a similar path to Jamie and I with the whole online movement. Harry has been winning all the trail races around south east asia and his passion for running makes him a natural coach. Plus the wisdom he can share about nutrition and helping his clients learn more about plant based power and performance is huge! Simply being around him is inspiring and perfect timing for Jamie and I as we’re both focused on our new years fitness goals! is their website for anyone interested in working with Harry to find out more. Their YouTube channel can be found HERE and they post some awesome training tips as well as vlogs following Harry to all the stunning trail races and Ultra-marathons around the world.

Thanks for introducing yourself to our blog friends Harry, you the man!



Standing With Unconditional Love

In my opinion and be-life we are all ways here and now, in and as expressions of source. Some may say god, though language often limits us. We are divine as in the divided expressions of collective consciousness. We are experiencing the infinite now to recognize our illusion of separation. Reconnecting with the self manifested in each other. Therefore I and I commit to practicing one love.

Sure it takes effort to be consistent with the ebbs and flows of life. Whenever ones vibration feels low, it may be advised to rest in the stream of opposition and re-mind only to speak from and take action in love. Practicing love for self and love for others as reflections of self is the journey of duality. This is the way of the spiritual warrior, to walk the middle path of fearless and unconditional love.

Having said all that, we are surely tempered by our contrasts and this forges our personalized world view. In my experience one is to be encouraged to feel the full spectrum of diversity. Every difference of opinion, expression and perspective offers the chance to glance the world from a different mindset. Shining new light in the blind spots of our own. Expanding dimensions of relationships with others, as well as with self and our word. Innerstanding allows one to see greater lessons in the blessings.

Our interactions manifest, that is to say they are drawn towards us by the series of choices we make to align with our intentions. Consciously and unconsciously the YOU-niverse answers our call. The teachers we seek take form in the situations and characters that we allow and by this I mean our point of attention is our point of attraction.

Let’s play with it! Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until we are ready to move on. Excited to speak new words, make new choices and take new action. In this process I have learned to appreciate each opportunity to examine self, authenticity and integrity. As these moments unfold we be come who we came to be.. now and now and now LOL!

If knowledge is power and wisdom is doing.. the mastery is simply to be. Be the example of your wisdom and share your authenticity with those you engage with. Be the love and be loved, see the love and the loving will see you too!

Shine on and stay strong friends, in joy this ride, it is just a ride; it’s just a ride! 🙂



Community Grows At The Market

Eat fresh! We love going to local markets and seeing how Thailand really works, it’s all about community here and if you keep yourself separate with a farang mentality then you’ll only experience that one side of the culture. Life in Thailand begins at the market where you see all the colorful characters play. Thais treat everyone as extended family and it’s even in the language, “brother/sister”, uncle/aunt” are part of our greetings. So when you only shop at big superstores you aren’t really getting involved, you aren’t supporting anyone with a face and you aren’t supporting your local family.

That’s the main reason we love supporting our market vendors, because we can actually get to know them. We can easily become family and very quickly we care about them as they do us. They are our humble providers with so much to say and talk about our lives, it’s our joy to reward them with money and loyalty. Equally important to us is our health and getting our hands on food from the Earth. Heck food that still has some Earth and some bugs on it too, that’s all good! Some people are scared of local markets because they have some notion of it being too dirty or low quality for their liking? In my experience the exact opposite is the case.

So many of us grow up shopping for food at sterile, halogen lit, warehouses. Where unripe, plastic wrapped and processed items are packaged, designed and genetically modified to be stored as long as possible. We’re too busy to think about this while we trade nutritionally starved goods for our over worked conveniences. Thus convenience stores, 7-11 and the abomination that is the SUPERstore which is basically a dolled up storage unit. Our personal interactions are muted by brain numbing “commercial” music blasting over any sense of personal engagement. All profits funnel out to faceless corporations while nothing comes back to support the people, the community.

In contrast every local market I’ve even been to has been a treat! They show me fresher goods for cheaper prices. More organic, home grown variations with less plastic, processing and waste. There’s always friendly faces and entertaining characters that love Kai and he loves them. I love admiring their hard-working mentalities and practice my market banter in a different language. These are all real people who you can see, hear, feel and appreciate their efforts. The time and energy that goes into feeding my family becomes intimate again. All these things matter to us and the more we support our communities the closer and realer our world will become.

Stay healthy, happy and sovereign dear friends! Thanks for watching, commenting, upvoting and subscribing to our ever growing online community. We love you and appreciate you for choosing to spend some time sharing the journey with us.