Pedal Powered Parents!

So Kai and I took the rickshaw into Uncle Sam Laaw this morning to finally get his car seat fitted. We been waiting for little man to be sitting comfortably on his own which he has been for a while now.

Most of the time we wear Kai in either one of our baby slings, he loves to be carried and being right next to us. So being alone in the backseat is totally new to him and I think he likes it? He seems to enjoy being able to look around and see everything in a new way in his new ride. I thought perhaps he might get overstimulated or anxious sitting on his own for too long although he does fall asleep pretty easy once we’re going. We’ll see and only go on short trips for now, so far so good Mr Kai is now mobile.

The point of all this was to help Mom with her new years fitness goals as well as help us get out and about in the mornings. That way Mom can sleep in and get some extra rest from night time feeds. She did want to do a breast feeding video today and talk all about her experiences with getting started.. Kai however had other plans and we’ll have to give it another go tomorrow. Thanks for watching! 🙂

Beginning Breastfeeding
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