Raw Vegans, DMT & Mushrooms Ft. SebCamTV

KENICAMZ #130: Decided to catch up with YouNow last night and found Seb online so we jumped on for a impromptu guest chat and chin wag with the chat room. I’m so happy to hear that he’s got a brand new love interest in his life, that really makes us happy as he’s such a amazing guy. That lead us to talk about the vegan transition and how it’s been portrayed as such a “strict” choice to adopt the cruelty free lifestyle. It all comes down to how we own our choices and what perspective we see as suffering. When you think about the animals it’s really not that difficult to make the connection, while some will still see it as a watermelon cult lol.

We also talked about our own vegan transitions as the room wanted to know more about what first grabbed our attention and how we found out about it. Many things come back to the Celestine Prophecy and learning to trust and follow our intuition, what a great book! Then we get onto DMT and the various plant-allies such as Grand Mother Ayahuasca and Magic Mushrooms. We share our first experiences and touch on further study into lucid dreaming and other naturally occurring altered states of perception.

Shout out to Seb and everyone else who joined us in the chat, it was so much fun to dig up some of these old events and share some stories with you all. Looking forward to the next chat with you all, feel free to join us on YouNow!

Wholeness, Keni

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