Summer Of Chaos

KENICAMZ #138: This podcast broadcast live on 7/7/16 in response to the tragic events of the slain Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling, as well as the resulting protests and shootings in Dallas where 5 Police Officers were also murdered in cold blood. This podcast has since been removed from my YouNow account as well as all my other replays for unknown reasons. I have not since covered the continued violence in Baton Rouge and have been looking at alternatives to capturing my podcasts in future.

I continue to keep my eyes wide open and research current events and global movements. I all ways advise individuals to do their own research and explore their own truths. I find this is the most productive way we can bring forward information and share with others while still holding true to our own discernment and integrity. For those who are unaware of Shemitah trends and the many false flag terror attacks presented by lamestream media I would definitely encourage considering the information Jeff Berwick presents HERE and HERE.

Wholeness, Keni

Two Giant Hotdogs - Week 35

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