The Beginning Of Coach Keni

Perfect timing that I decided to cut back on my looong written posts today! We’ve fallen out of sync with the YouTube channel. This is good because I AM really working on being more efficient and precise with my words and today’s video is a extra long winded waffle! Sometimes I go on though and it’s this thinking out loud process that helps me see what is really unfolding in the moment. Although I don’t always enjoy talking too much on ideas that are yet to arrive. I’ve learned that as I do, the ideas seem to flow in more smoothly..

So I’m happy we’re sharing this process from scratch. The intention to inspiration (in-spirit-action) and vibration taking action is the real-izing of manifestation! I will be and become the best coach I can be and I AM all-ready here now. I have to create some space, figure out some form and claim it in time, that’s all there is. I AM excited to step deeper into service for others and in tune my higher self. And so it is, A-HO! 🙂

This is my unplanned plan, my imagination (image-in-action) and I appreciate all the words of support you have already shared on the video. You all help to give me the boost and focus I want to achieve my next life transition. For my self, my family and for others. Thank YOU.



New Apartment; New Audience?

Welcome to the new apartment we found in Kamala, Phuket. We’re staying here for 5-6 weeks and we’re the first in as the owner has literally just finished remodeling, ooh so clean. We appreciate her westernized standards, our internet is super fast and there’s a lot of natural light which we love. Luckily the next house above us on the hill shades us from the midday sun so it also stays nice and cool. That with the steady sea breeze coming up the valley, this place feels like a perfect fit.

We dropped our bags and headed off to explore (get lost) in the local community and surroundings. We’ve been told there’s a locals market on twice a week here. So we’re off to find it which will be a welcome break from those “farang” resort prices we’ve been paying around town this past week. It’s funny how quickly we got used to Thai prices. Once you know what things cost, well it’s no fun paying double or triple the going rate.

Talking about the blog, channel and brand again. It’s been an ongoing thing. There’s not much content left to upload for those who only came to see the porn me. Although most of those old viewers have already moved on and that’s great. Those who’ve stayed, I appreciate you. You’ve watched me grow through some life changes and now start a family. We’ve gotten to know some of you really well over the years and I guess that’s why we feel you may be able to help?

After yesterday’s affirmation about daily vlogging, we’ve decided to also work on our channel branding. It may simply be a new channel trailer, just to introduce us as three and show new visitors what we’re about. Since we’re still a newish channel, I don’t think it’ll hurt to test new genres and see which suits us best.

In the beginning the blog was all about a lonely stoner sharing his adventures in porn. Now I’m a Dad and we’re a family blogging about becoming the best parents we can be. Would re-branding actually be worth it or are we doing just fine as is? It’d be great to hear from some viewers and co-create the future of our blog with you. In 5 words, please tell us how you’d describe our blog?

The art of allowing creates space for every path, though one must still find a direction to have any choice where he is heading.



Blogging, Branding & Rebuild

What’s going on, it’s February already! So let’s catch up on the morning ride. It’s a gorgeous sunny day out here in Chiang Mai and we’ve just hit up our local market and vegan bakery. We featured Melt Away Bakery in January and Fon’s place has since become our favorite spot for tea and cake. She’s fun, amazing and very talented so we promote her any chance we get!

What do you think of the new look This year is all about polishing the blog and expanding our skills to share products and services we find valuable. As well as vegan branded clothing, superfood supplements, video courses and ebooks. Over the past month I’ve been helping Seb get his blog set up and monetized, Jamie’s also busy getting her secret project ready to launch too. Our sites are ever evolving works in progress, for a heads up on things to come have a look at