The Beginning Of Coach Keni

Perfect timing that I decided to cut back on my looong written posts today! We’ve fallen out of sync with the YouTube channel. This is good because I AM really working on being more efficient and precise with my words and today’s video is a extra long winded waffle! Sometimes I go on though and it’s this thinking out loud process that helps me see what is really unfolding in the moment. Although I don’t always enjoy talking too much on ideas that are yet to arrive. I’ve learned that as I do, the ideas seem to flow in more smoothly..

So I’m happy we’re sharing this process from scratch. The intention to inspiration (in-spirit-action) and vibration taking action is the real-izing of manifestation! I will be and become the best coach I can be and I AM all-ready here now. I have to create some space, figure out some form and claim it in time, that’s all there is. I AM excited to step deeper into service for others and in tune my higher self. And so it is, A-HO! 🙂

This is my unplanned plan, my imagination (image-in-action) and I appreciate all the words of support you have already shared on the video. You all help to give me the boost and focus I want to achieve my next life transition. For my self, my family and for others. Thank YOU.



Meet Mr Harry Runs!

What’s good! Yeah guys thanks for all the positivity in the comments lately, I’ve taken a break from replying to them as I’m sure you can innerstand why. I will get back to you ALL though, just after I catch up with these written posts! 🙂

Harry and Louise are here! These guys are a beautiful couple who also live in Chiang Mai and we’ve been friends for a couple years now. They were literally two of the first people to meet Kai and hold him when he was a newborn. We absolutely adore seeing how he is with them both now, he clearly loves them so much awww lol!

So when they moved out here they both taught English at international schools and now they’re following a similar path to Jamie and I with the whole online movement. Harry has been winning all the trail races around south east asia and his passion for running makes him a natural coach. Plus the wisdom he can share about nutrition and helping his clients learn more about plant based power and performance is huge! Simply being around him is inspiring and perfect timing for Jamie and I as we’re both focused on our new years fitness goals! is their website for anyone interested in working with Harry to find out more. Their YouTube channel can be found HERE and they post some awesome training tips as well as vlogs following Harry to all the stunning trail races and Ultra-marathons around the world.

Thanks for introducing yourself to our blog friends Harry, you the man!