Body Positive Moms Rule The World!

I love Jamie so much. I feel extremely blessed to share life with a woman and mother who is dedicated to being and becoming her best expression of herself. She inspires me to be the best partner I can be and the love we’ve found in ourselves helps bring wholeness and balance to our relationship.

Jamie has not always enjoyed being on camera in her private life. I feel like she’s warmed to the idea since being with me, however she’s normally a private person. Some of you may think that’s ironic given our pasts, however when we first met we were playing roles in a fantasy world. Lalaland is a town full of characters living out their dreams and illusions, many of them to escape from self. In my opinion, reality is a much more loving, forgiving and wholesome place to be with self. These contrasting experiences will sure add a lil flavor for our Grandpa Keni and Granny Jammy’s life stories in years to come.

With illusion comes huge expectancy and society has only added to the pressure on women to be, look and act a certain way. I feel the feminine is relentlessly attacked, bullied and manipulated by media and marketing. Masculinity has too, however in very different ways. This opposing social programming of our sexual energies runs generations deep. For many of us, shifting through the layers of self judgement is an ongoing process. Forgiveness and allowing is a daily practice towards ones own inner peace. Not for appearances or in pieces, truly it is a genuine inner wholeness.

Celebrating Jamie is a huge expression of love for us individually, as parents and as family. Sharing our joy with you all is never to gloat or boast, it’s simply to be accountable and inspire love. Being the love we wish to see in the world and to be the love for others too, especially new Mothers. Let go of the expectations and opinions of others and feel fully into what you want for your self and your child, your true self.

Being with self, loving where we are and creating a vision of where we want to be. Allowing ourselves time and space to feel aligned with our goals from a positive place. A journey in joy will naturally lead to a joy-full place. Ones can’t focus on what they don’t want to arrive where they DO want to be.

Loving our body positive Momma’s; and Fathers too.



Monkey Mind Playtime!

Moment by moment appreciation in the moving meditation of all is.. and all is as it is; only as one perceives it to be. Be-ing present with each presence is a masterful practice and one Kai reminds me of effortlessly. Here is where I feel most in purpose and value, balancing on the now is where I feel in joy.

Never less the beauty of a moment is each to it’s own and being on the every path is to honor every path. I rarely ever know what day it is and gladly the monkey minds not. All ways ready to play and as challenging as contemplating cartesian concepts can be; the man-made matrix for measuring time/date matters much less to me now than it ever has. Space-time grooves to a different beat, subconsciously counting months over moons is so out of sync that many would never be-live. This as I see currently, is trading time for life as a currency.

Which above all is our most valuable commodity. Paradoxically we spend more time creating less memories. While consciously it’s impossible to be anywhere other than here. No-one could ever be late to their own parade, they’re simply playing a societal charade. Yet a part in every one burns like the Sun. Ignites love, liberty and absolute freedom.. from false constructs. To be in and not of time blurs the lines between absolute reality and existential conformity.

Perhaps peaceful non-compliance to them grand structures does little to melt the machine. Breath a deep yin on the yang, we can create space to sip tea, watch bitcoin blow up and in joy our infinite timelessness.


Steemit To Freedom!!

KENICAMZ #146: What’s up friends! Well the daily vlogging has clearly slipped into oblivion haha, no worries I’m fine with that. My priorities right now have switched completely to baby mode and that’s ok. Kai has been dealing with silent reflux for the past week or so and that means way less sleep for mom and dad mwahaha! I mean I’m laughing now, only because we’ve had some really rough nights and some funny challenges to deal with and yet the adventure of becoming parents is absolutely amazing. So humbling, so raw and so enlightening daily. I mean anything you think you’ve prepared for or are ready for.. yeah blow that out the window. Some ways, some how you’re gonna get pressed and the sooner you accept that the easier and more rewarding it gets, in my newbie opinion lol.

So let’s talk about Steemit and STEEM POWER!! What an amazing and rapidly evolving love child of crypto-currency, social media, network marketing and online money making mash-up this platform already is! And we’re still only in beta so it’s just getting better and becoming an ever more refined and empowering user experience. I’m so excited for all my fellow digital nomad friends and families, all my off-grid nomads, all my communes and communities. Every sovereign heart that has woken up to the system with an urge to express themselves and take action to live free, I know the struggle has been real! Finally there’s more and more opportunities via our planetary nervous system to connect while generating an income to sustain our free lives.

I be-life that this is only the beginning of a new era of opportunities for every one to create liberty and freedom for themselves and their families. It’s here, the time is now and there are many more coming soon from the other crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium! Steemit is a social media blogging platform, that has the value and engagement of reddit-style upvoting and discussion. The rapidly growing community of contributors, with all manner of interests is very exciting for such a new site. What I’m saying about self empowerment, any one with a internet connection is now able to start blogging and earning without having to learn code, build a website or even buy into any digital marketing/learning networks that I’ve touted in the past. As well as the best thing is, it’s supported by a decentralized currency that is already growing in value and that means so much, on so many levels for the transition and liberation of the masses. To get us off of the roller-coaster ride of fiat paper money and the inflation/deflation, infinite debt slavery that comes with our sold out, media manipulated, politically polarized, pharmaceutical poisoned slave farms.

Okayyy, before I get carried away with my nwo freedom fighting rant, I’ve decided to really help promote the site and get more eyes on this opportunity. So from here on I’ll start writing content exclusively for over there, I’ll of course write some short blurb about the vlogs here still. That’s much better than the good ol’ cut n paste job that was simply not doing it justice. As well as more room for expansion I’m really excited that this comes at a time where my commitment to YouTube has be slacking a little. What with baby duties etc writing is much more suitable and less labor intensive for me than making videos. I’ve been wanting to express myself with written word for ages as many of you know and to tell our story with a little more detail and insight that often gets glossed over in the spoken flow.

So yeah, come check it out. I’m gonna be flexing my authoring mind a little and cover some of the key events and adventures from previous vlogs posted from our journey. Kinda like a fuller introduction to those in the Steemit community who haven’t a clue who I am lol. While also filling in some gaps for the regular vlog viewers. I hope you lot will in joy this new phase of the transition and I’ll look forward to getting to know those of you who join up too. Yes get free from those government infiltrated facist-book social media sites that horde all the ad-sales revenue and give you nothing but a big thumbs up LIKE.

Don’t forget, knowing better and thinking smarter is still not doing. To be the change you gotta do the thang! Go get your Stemmit account set up and start writing! Expressing yourself, share your truth and don’t forget to friend me while your at it lol. Here’s my page so far..