The Beginning Of Coach Keni

Perfect timing that I decided to cut back on my looong written posts today! We’ve fallen out of sync with the YouTube channel. This is good because I AM really working on being more efficient and precise with my words and today’s video is a extra long winded waffle! Sometimes I go on though and it’s this thinking out loud process that helps me see what is really unfolding in the moment. Although I don’t always enjoy talking too much on ideas that are yet to arrive. I’ve learned that as I do, the ideas seem to flow in more smoothly..

So I’m happy we’re sharing this process from scratch. The intention to inspiration (in-spirit-action) and vibration taking action is the real-izing of manifestation! I will be and become the best coach I can be and I AM all-ready here now. I have to create some space, figure out some form and claim it in time, that’s all there is. I AM excited to step deeper into service for others and in tune my higher self. And so it is, A-HO! 🙂

This is my unplanned plan, my imagination (image-in-action) and I appreciate all the words of support you have already shared on the video. You all help to give me the boost and focus I want to achieve my next life transition. For my self, my family and for others. Thank YOU.



Teachers Of Tomorrow!

Kenicamz #77: What you share matters, what you be-life matters and you are the source of the LOVE you wish to see. Do you believe in God; then BE your God. Keep raising the vibration we will see the conscious collective glow as we grow! Each ONE reach ONE. YOU’RE A TEACHER OF TOMORROW!


Getting Motivated About Life!

KENICAMZ #76: Sharing on a topic that we all face at some times in our lives. How do we get motivated? Why do we work harder for others than for ourselves? Where does the IN-spiration come from to achieve our own life goals? I’m no guru, this is my humble opinion and I honor that every way is a way. Feel free to discuss below if you agree, disagree or simply wish to open up this conversation. Wholeness, Keni & Jamie xo