The Beginning Of Coach Keni

Perfect timing that I decided to cut back on my looong written posts today! We’ve fallen out of sync with the YouTube channel. This is good because I AM really working on being more efficient and precise with my words and today’s video is a extra long winded waffle! Sometimes I go on though and it’s this thinking out loud process that helps me see what is really unfolding in the moment. Although I don’t always enjoy talking too much on ideas that are yet to arrive. I’ve learned that as I do, the ideas seem to flow in more smoothly..

So I’m happy we’re sharing this process from scratch. The intention to inspiration (in-spirit-action) and vibration taking action is the real-izing of manifestation! I will be and become the best coach I can be and I AM all-ready here now. I have to create some space, figure out some form and claim it in time, that’s all there is. I AM excited to step deeper into service for others and in tune my higher self. And so it is, A-HO! 🙂

This is my unplanned plan, my imagination (image-in-action) and I appreciate all the words of support you have already shared on the video. You all help to give me the boost and focus I want to achieve my next life transition. For my self, my family and for others. Thank YOU.



Be Happy Where YOU Are!

Happiness is obviously a completely subjective perspective, once upon a time it was said that I was “living the dream”. Lounging around in Hollywood with access to as much egotistical, financial and sexual gratification I could wish for.. the thing is, was I ever really happy?

Yes in all honesty. I felt I was very superficially happy and to me that was good enough. Where I was, with what I knew, I was the happiest I’d been in a long time, perhaps in my life. Yet “comparisons are odious” some wise guy said and feeling better than depressed was perhaps not the best gauge moving towards any purposeful life. However even with the taste of hidden loneliness, I be-lie-ved I was sooo happy and was ready to die in an orgy of over-indulgences. That works fine for a while, the happier you think you are, the more attractive you become to others seeking external thrills. Before you know it everywhere you go someone is offering themselves for a piece of what they think you got. I met so many hungry souls looking to feel something with an(y)-other just to avoid themselves.

Somehow I kept landing on my feet. I kept waking up looking for who I AM was here to be? I came to realize I’d never really unlocked my why? Why I was so absorbed in getting it, hitting it, killing it. I never felt to look back and face my reasons. Obsessed with the hustle, I kept doing me until there was no one else around. You don’t have to reach that level of self-serving indulgence, I can tell you it gets dizzy real quick. Money and success can be a medicine, more accurately energy and attention can heal yet it also gets addictive. As I look back on my career I realized it was never the real source of happiness for me. Perhaps the path lead me a-way so I could learn too value the finer things?

My best memories came from the intangible and intimate moments I shared with friends, the innerstanding of spiritual growth and marveling at the wonders of the natural world. The rest was simply a distraction, I yearned to get back to my own vision of innerversity. As soon as I started discerning what happiness was for me, it evolved. The you-niverse keeps us moving this way, all those shiny things become dull eventually. Fake people really feel plastic and even when enough is enough they’re still hungry for more. I decided to stop feeding the false ego and real-eyes my true self, that I could always be enough for me. Leaving it all alone, you see you already have it all. Every thing we look for is looking for us. From deep within all I wanted was love and connection and I feel many of us have felt the same way. Until you can genuinely feel this alone, how could you ever relate the experience with another?

A lot of people, many of my closest friends get off the train at this stop. Getting any deeper into spirituality threatens their waking dreams. Many would rather stay drunk on fame champagne, creep around lost angels city and survive in their fiat monetary matrix. The J.O.B racket is to keep everyone “Just Over Broke” and competition is fierce to impress the other broke survivors in the club. Truth is I can love them still, I can literally be happy for my friends exactly where they are because I am truly happy with where I AM. Never let someone else’s reality slow you from growing yours. What made you happy as a child ain’t the same as today so why would it be for tomorrow? There is so much to be, do and share in this world, the first step is to get out the box and go travel, go appreciate the world.

Live a life of no regrets, follow your passion and happiness and you’ll all ways be in alignment. Accept as we grow and expand all things change so embrace that, don’t get stuck in any stagnant loops. That’s when people stop tasting their joy juice and start sipping the haterade. Sure detractors and distractors will come and when you are truly in your happy place, you won’t feel to react negatively. It’s easier to choose love and see them as the younger brothers and sisters they be.

That’s all for today, never wanting to sound too preachy these are just my expressions on a page. I’ve been blessed to start a new chapter, Kai’s world and story brings me the purest happiness I’ve ever felt. The paradox is.. can I truly detached from his happiness? Hell no, and that’s how we all stay on this incredible ride together LOL!

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Parenting & Fitness Goals!

Jamie and I made new year resolutions to work on our fitness goals. Now it’s April already and it’s been almost 8 months since Kai was born. We are finally clear of those early months of sleepless nights and it’s high time we got our bodies moving again. Not saying parenting isn’t already a full body work out, there’s definitely a lot of endurance, stamina and extra lower back muscles involved in this life. Mad love going out to all the parents out there, especially the single Moms and Dads. Wow you’re champions to us, it’s been challenging enough both being fully present. Massive love and respect to you.

Jamie’s doing great adjusting to Mom life. She’s fully committed to bonding with Kai, breast-feeding on demand and taking care of creations in the kitchen which she loves to do. Plus all the other things I witness there’s no list long enough. I’ve been equally as involved as I can with diaper duties, playtime and cuddles with Kai as well as night time walking and bouncing him. Also taking care of daily errands like cleaning, groceries and laundry. I’ve also been working online a lot, growing our brand and making sure the money keeps coming. So between us we help each other all the way and we’ve been mindful not to push ourselves too hard, too soon with either of our personal fitness goals. I guess that’s one sacrifice of parenting some would say?

While I have been pushing the rickshaw and getting some body weight conditioning going while wrangling the baby and transporting the family around town. I feel like I’ve never been so unfit in my adult life. That’s a big statement to me and not to blame or complain about any part of this parenting experience, I still love my life. Jamie too has been feeling the urge to get back into fitness, she wants to reclaim her body pride and feel happy about her appearance again. Even though I tell her everyday how gorgeous she is and that her beauty is nothing to do with how she looks, she radiates love. It’s just that it’s coming from me and she says that’s not the same. I’m really happy how she’s been allowing herself enough time to recover from the birth and of course Kai’s needs come first and foremost.

Parenting is our priority and I admit it’s been a surprise to me how much attention and energy it takes. Most of my dad friends still live in the system and I realize they have to go to work. One parent being away while the other stays home must be a totally different experience. I don’t even like going to the market for too long and I’ve attempted to go on a long runs before, I just end up thinking about Kai and Mom the whole way lol! So I’ve grown to respect the stay at home role as this process has unfolded in my life.

Ultimately happiness is about balance for us, if one is feeling the strain then we feel fortunate to be able to support each other. Kai is the constant and we love giving him all our attention. It just means if either of us want to get anything else done we have to tag team in and out. This means it takes us double the time to do even the simplest things like get out the house and attempt any fitness.

What a game and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Fellow parents mad love! Yet to be parents, I hope this gives some insight to the joys that lay ahead. Please comment, like and subscribe to our channel, we’d love to answer your questions and hear any ideas for future vlogs.