Rickshaw Roadtrip: Day 10

Kenicamz #69: Heading East into the wind is this our final bit? Is this really the last 40km to the town of Phichit? Yes our decision is made and we’re ready to go. Happiness is the key, we all ways go with the flow. Our love for adventure doesn’t ends, the next chapter begins! Thank you all for the love, comments and for watching! Wholeness, Keni & Jamie xo

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Rickshaw Roadtrip: Day 9

Kenicamz #68: No more hanging around at The Hotel Phet, new possibilities are changing the course we’d set. No longer headed south toward Nakon Sawan. We’re traveling inland to the Train line, possibly going back the way we have come. Waiting two days to hear back if our resort dreams have come true, just keep pushing them peddles is all we can do! Wholeness, Keni & Jamie xo


Rickshaw Roadtrip: Day 8

Kenicamz #67: Welcome to The Phet Hotel, Kamphaeng Phet! Great nights sleep in our ‘funky’ luxury rest stop. Outta road mode, into hotel mode. This town ain’t spicy after all, it’s named after it’s Earthen brick “Diamond” shaped wall. Hot showers and clean sheets, massages and vegan treats. Wholeness, Keni & Jamie