The Beginning Of Coach Keni

Perfect timing that I decided to cut back on my looong written posts today! We’ve fallen out of sync with the YouTube channel. This is good because I AM really working on being more efficient and precise with my words and today’s video is a extra long winded waffle! Sometimes I go on though and it’s this thinking out loud process that helps me see what is really unfolding in the moment. Although I don’t always enjoy talking too much on ideas that are yet to arrive. I’ve learned that as I do, the ideas seem to flow in more smoothly..

So I’m happy we’re sharing this process from scratch. The intention to inspiration (in-spirit-action) and vibration taking action is the real-izing of manifestation! I will be and become the best coach I can be and I AM all-ready here now. I have to create some space, figure out some form and claim it in time, that’s all there is. I AM excited to step deeper into service for others and in tune my higher self. And so it is, A-HO! 🙂

This is my unplanned plan, my imagination (image-in-action) and I appreciate all the words of support you have already shared on the video. You all help to give me the boost and focus I want to achieve my next life transition. For my self, my family and for others. Thank YOU.



Standing With Unconditional Love

In my opinion and be-life we are all ways here and now, in and as expressions of source. Some may say god, though language often limits us. We are divine as in the divided expressions of collective consciousness. We are experiencing the infinite now to recognize our illusion of separation. Reconnecting with the self manifested in each other. Therefore I and I commit to practicing one love.

Sure it takes effort to be consistent with the ebbs and flows of life. Whenever ones vibration feels low, it may be advised to rest in the stream of opposition and re-mind only to speak from and take action in love. Practicing love for self and love for others as reflections of self is the journey of duality. This is the way of the spiritual warrior, to walk the middle path of fearless and unconditional love.

Having said all that, we are surely tempered by our contrasts and this forges our personalized world view. In my experience one is to be encouraged to feel the full spectrum of diversity. Every difference of opinion, expression and perspective offers the chance to glance the world from a different mindset. Shining new light in the blind spots of our own. Expanding dimensions of relationships with others, as well as with self and our word. Innerstanding allows one to see greater lessons in the blessings.

Our interactions manifest, that is to say they are drawn towards us by the series of choices we make to align with our intentions. Consciously and unconsciously the YOU-niverse answers our call. The teachers we seek take form in the situations and characters that we allow and by this I mean our point of attention is our point of attraction.

Let’s play with it! Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until we are ready to move on. Excited to speak new words, make new choices and take new action. In this process I have learned to appreciate each opportunity to examine self, authenticity and integrity. As these moments unfold we be come who we came to be.. now and now and now LOL!

If knowledge is power and wisdom is doing.. the mastery is simply to be. Be the example of your wisdom and share your authenticity with those you engage with. Be the love and be loved, see the love and the loving will see you too!

Shine on and stay strong friends, in joy this ride, it is just a ride; it’s just a ride! 🙂



Love Is My Religion; Passion Is My Prayer

KENICAMZ #134: Part 2 of Monday’s podcast and we got onto the subject of religion. Now I’m sure you know I’ve said before I’m no fan of organized and monetized religion, that’s not saying I’m against being religious or spiritually minded. For the majority of people religion represents a perspective and/or practice of appreciating this living experience and being thankful for all that we be in the grander spectrum of life and existence.

I however do not claim any mainstream religious belief. I be-life in spirituality, I see that we are all infinite and spiritual consciousness expressed and manifest in physical form. Equal and sovereign to all other reflections of divine source energy as brother, sisters and living sentient beings. We share this primary connection to source that precede all texts, scriptures and stories of any of our enlightened or Christed celebrities through history.

That I know, in my heart. So for me, form this perspective, it is possible to honor all paths. To honor the absolute and every beautiful divination of that. To do no harm, to serve and protect others and to expand into our highest and fullest expressions of self. That I feel you can find in all the stories, under the edits and manipulations there is a inherent truth and my standing is that you all-ready knew that.

Do you really want for any other to come along and tell you how this life is meant to be lived? I believe that when you fully step into unconditional love then there is no need for such schooling.. it is you passion. LOVE becomes your religion and passion it the prayer.

Wholeness, Keni