Everyone Loves Kai!

Everywhere we go, literally everyone smiles when they see Kai. I’m sure it’s the same for other babies, I mean we always smile at all the little people we see that’s for sure. Though in Thailand it’s really clear that as a culture Thais genuinely love children. The joy and happiness of any mother, not-yet mother and long ago mother is unanimous, big smiles! It’s the same for the majority of men out here too. We constantly here Thai phrases like “jah engggg” which I think translates to “over here” and “yim yim yim” which is essentially a very excited “smile” trying to get Kai’s attention.

It’s really nice and I get such a warm feeling when Kai is greeted with so much love everywhere he goes. I feel that’s the way all children in the world should be welcomed. Thais all want to kiss his feet and ask all about him. I feel for a child to feel welcomed and encouraged to say hello to new people makes the world a much less scary place. Of course it’s the parents role to be aware of any risky situations, however I feel in the west our “stranger danger” fear is projected so strongly that it carries forward into adult life. Just look around on the street, on the bus, in the metro. How many people are glued to their screens, headphones in and can hardly make eye contact with each other; let alone share a smile.

The only way we are going to change this world is by our own actions and by being our best example to the little ones, who quite clearly watch every action and interaction we make. The world is good when you see it as good, there’s more friendly and happy people when you look to see them and more so when you be them. When you shut everyone out, you often feel like everyone else is being distant too. You hear me say this all the time, you will only see what you be and that’s one of the greatest realizations I learned on my path.

What you see in the world is a direct reflection of who you be in the world. You are the god self incarnate and when you own that, you accept your role as the divine creator of your own reality. Make it your own and have a great day friends. We’re loving life at the beach, hope you all make some time to get outside too. Go take a walk and meet those fellow humans and animals too! 🙂



Bangkok To Phuket By Train

We wanna go to the beach!! Kai’s first cross country adventure and our second day on the trains! It’s another 12 hour overnight sleeper and when you wake up it’s a beautiful mix of stunning limestone cliffs and small country paddy fields, all surrounded in the lush super green Thai jungle.

We arrived into Surat Thani at 6am ish and the touts and buses were ready and waiting to go. We always laugh at the sideways looks I get, he looks Thai, wait he don’t speak Thai fluently, oh he says he is Thai? So whenever I hear the “farang” prices I give it my best effort at “arai whaa?” which is kinda like Thai slang for WTF? (But less offensive). That usually gets them a giggle and then we get into the whole story of where was I born, why I don’t speak Thai very well and all the rest. By the end of those conversations the Thais usually calm down and we figure out the real price.

The bus journey from Surat Thani to Phuket town was 4-5hrs and 500B for the three of us on a large A-class size bus with AC, some funny Thai music and a toilet on board. We picked this over the initial 3000B offer we heard to cram in a silver minivan, which in my experience is always driven too fast and too furious style. Sure perhaps you knock an hour off the trip, however the gentle rocking helped Kai sleep most of the way and Jamie made use of the on-board lav so I feel we got our moneys worth. They dropped us at Phuket town bus station and we got a final minivan for 50B per person as I had wrangled a couple other passengers off the bus who were going to Patong beach. All in all not the easiest part of the journey for Mom and Kai, however the sea and sand in their feet made it all worthwhile.

Total cost for our travel for both train tickets, plus the coach and the mini bus was 2528B which is $72 all in. That worked out cheaper than a single airfare down here, so even if we go back the same way we’ll have saved half on traveling by air. Seeing the stunning scenery, experiencing real Thailand and meeting so many friendly new people of course is free and overall we were surprised how entertained Kai was by the whole traveling thing. He’s definitely our baby, a gypsy vagabond at heart.

Thanks for enjoying the ride with us and we hope that we may have inspired other nomads to go by land, save some pennies and enjoy as full a experience of Thailand as you can. When we visit a country, we feel we only get to feel it through real people and interactions. Something I feel very happy to share is that most Thai people you meet have huge hearts of gold and are always willing to exchange a friendly hello and offer and help they can.

See you in the next vlog, thanks again for watching and sharing our adventures!



Bangkok’s Broccoli Revolution Is The BEST!!

Ok here we go, leg one of our train trip across Thailand done and we’re down in Bangkok. We push the button at Hualumphong station in the capital and just in time for our morning salute to the national anthem. Gotta admire the people’s love for our sovereign Kingdom of Thailand! “Ratcha Anachak Thai!”

So after a long overnight train ride from Chiang Mai, we purposely planned to spend the whole day stretching our legs and relaxing in Bangkok. We felt Kai would appreciate the break from sitting on the train too and of course we got a chance to explore Bangkok a little more.

It was our first time visiting Lumphini park, what a beautiful treat that was. It was such a gorgeous day too, we walked all the way round and caught sight of one of the resident monitor lizards (yeah I mistakenly said it was a iguana lol). Then we found a nice spot by the lake to chill while Kai took his nap.

For lunch we were determined to find Broccoli Revolution and when we did and it blew our minds! Literally everything we put in our mouths was sensational, like what planet are we on? A kick ass vegan planet let’s where! Let’s see it, smell it, taste it and manifest it together. Soon there will be cruelty free food on every corner, serving up delicious dishes, saving the animals and healing the planet.

If any doubters out there still feel plant based meals are lacking, I dare you to open your mind. Go eat at a vegan restaurant in 2017, see what age you’re living in. If you’re in Bangkok then it’s a must to hit up the revolution and order this specialty broccoli and quinoa burger with mango salsa, guac and a heavy helping of hefty thick cut fries. My mouth is literally drooling just the mention of that place!

Onward, over and out. Next stop Phuket!