Be Happy Where YOU Are!

Happiness is obviously a completely subjective perspective, once upon a time it was said that I was “living the dream”. Lounging around in Hollywood with access to as much egotistical, financial and sexual gratification I could wish for.. the thing is, was I ever really happy?

Yes in all honesty. I felt I was very superficially happy and to me that was good enough. Where I was, with what I knew, I was the happiest I’d been in a long time, perhaps in my life. Yet “comparisons are odious” some wise guy said and feeling better than depressed was perhaps not the best gauge moving towards any purposeful life. However even with the taste of hidden loneliness, I be-lie-ved I was sooo happy and was ready to die in an orgy of over-indulgences. That works fine for a while, the happier you think you are, the more attractive you become to others seeking external thrills. Before you know it everywhere you go someone is offering themselves for a piece of what they think you got. I met so many hungry souls looking to feel something with an(y)-other just to avoid themselves.

Somehow I kept landing on my feet. I kept waking up looking for who I AM was here to be? I came to realize I’d never really unlocked my why? Why I was so absorbed in getting it, hitting it, killing it. I never felt to look back and face my reasons. Obsessed with the hustle, I kept doing me until there was no one else around. You don’t have to reach that level of self-serving indulgence, I can tell you it gets dizzy real quick. Money and success can be a medicine, more accurately energy and attention can heal yet it also gets addictive. As I look back on my career I realized it was never the real source of happiness for me. Perhaps the path lead me a-way so I could learn too value the finer things?

My best memories came from the intangible and intimate moments I shared with friends, the innerstanding of spiritual growth and marveling at the wonders of the natural world. The rest was simply a distraction, I yearned to get back to my own vision of innerversity. As soon as I started discerning what happiness was for me, it evolved. The you-niverse keeps us moving this way, all those shiny things become dull eventually. Fake people really feel plastic and even when enough is enough they’re still hungry for more. I decided to stop feeding the false ego and real-eyes my true self, that I could always be enough for me. Leaving it all alone, you see you already have it all. Every thing we look for is looking for us. From deep within all I wanted was love and connection and I feel many of us have felt the same way. Until you can genuinely feel this alone, how could you ever relate the experience with another?

A lot of people, many of my closest friends get off the train at this stop. Getting any deeper into spirituality threatens their waking dreams. Many would rather stay drunk on fame champagne, creep around lost angels city and survive in their fiat monetary matrix. The J.O.B racket is to keep everyone “Just Over Broke” and competition is fierce to impress the other broke survivors in the club. Truth is I can love them still, I can literally be happy for my friends exactly where they are because I am truly happy with where I AM. Never let someone else’s reality slow you from growing yours. What made you happy as a child ain’t the same as today so why would it be for tomorrow? There is so much to be, do and share in this world, the first step is to get out the box and go travel, go appreciate the world.

Live a life of no regrets, follow your passion and happiness and you’ll all ways be in alignment. Accept as we grow and expand all things change so embrace that, don’t get stuck in any stagnant loops. That’s when people stop tasting their joy juice and start sipping the haterade. Sure detractors and distractors will come and when you are truly in your happy place, you won’t feel to react negatively. It’s easier to choose love and see them as the younger brothers and sisters they be.

That’s all for today, never wanting to sound too preachy these are just my expressions on a page. I’ve been blessed to start a new chapter, Kai’s world and story brings me the purest happiness I’ve ever felt. The paradox is.. can I truly detached from his happiness? Hell no, and that’s how we all stay on this incredible ride together LOL!

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Standing With Unconditional Love

In my opinion and be-life we are all ways here and now, in and as expressions of source. Some may say god, though language often limits us. We are divine as in the divided expressions of collective consciousness. We are experiencing the infinite now to recognize our illusion of separation. Reconnecting with the self manifested in each other. Therefore I and I commit to practicing one love.

Sure it takes effort to be consistent with the ebbs and flows of life. Whenever ones vibration feels low, it may be advised to rest in the stream of opposition and re-mind only to speak from and take action in love. Practicing love for self and love for others as reflections of self is the journey of duality. This is the way of the spiritual warrior, to walk the middle path of fearless and unconditional love.

Having said all that, we are surely tempered by our contrasts and this forges our personalized world view. In my experience one is to be encouraged to feel the full spectrum of diversity. Every difference of opinion, expression and perspective offers the chance to glance the world from a different mindset. Shining new light in the blind spots of our own. Expanding dimensions of relationships with others, as well as with self and our word. Innerstanding allows one to see greater lessons in the blessings.

Our interactions manifest, that is to say they are drawn towards us by the series of choices we make to align with our intentions. Consciously and unconsciously the YOU-niverse answers our call. The teachers we seek take form in the situations and characters that we allow and by this I mean our point of attention is our point of attraction.

Let’s play with it! Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until we are ready to move on. Excited to speak new words, make new choices and take new action. In this process I have learned to appreciate each opportunity to examine self, authenticity and integrity. As these moments unfold we be come who we came to be.. now and now and now LOL!

If knowledge is power and wisdom is doing.. the mastery is simply to be. Be the example of your wisdom and share your authenticity with those you engage with. Be the love and be loved, see the love and the loving will see you too!

Shine on and stay strong friends, in joy this ride, it is just a ride; it’s just a ride! 🙂



Baby Diary – Week 13

Kenicamz #43: Pea Pod into week 13, Dad proving gluten ain’t good for no being. Mom wants to tell the world some real pregnancy truth. So other moms don’t feel blind sided although we know EVERYONE can be different. Apparently you drinking your own pee now and you got your own brand new set of finger prints! Love you, so excited and time is flying by! See you in 188 days!! 🙂