Vlogging, Blogging And Surfing The Waves Of Synchronicity!

Ah I’m falling behind with daily blogs! Ok well actually I’m really pleased because we have been able to maintain daily vlogging on our YouTube channel since we left Chiang Mai. Before that I was staying on top of upping the archives too. So yeah our audience there has been getting their daily dose of Kenicamz.

However where I’ve been slipping is these written blogs. I mean I’m getting better, it’s just writing isn’t my biggest joy right now. I find it much easier talking to the camera. If we were simply building our YouTube channel, I guess I’d feel satisfied. But there’s more, I’m researching trades on the crypto-currency markets. I’m studying internet marketing strategies at Tecademics. I’m also learning what it takes to build and maintain a few websites, a blog and our family brand. All of which has been a steep learning curve since I’m not normally a tech kind of guy.

Since moving further away from the movie biz, life as a affiliate marketer has had it’s ups and downs, overall it’s been great though. Now that we’ve managed to build a steady passive income, I still want to learn how to automate more effectively. The idea is that as long as we keep feeding new content our brand will grow. We’re enjoying a lot of time freedom together so far though, something I’ll never take for granted. The whole pregnancy and these early months have been such a blessing and now I’m ready to focus, scale up and set some higher goals. All this opportunity online is amazing and I’m not going to squander it! There’s only one thing that does take second place though, the only role I’m more committed to..

Dad life! Yeah that’s my priority, to honor our family time together and be able to stay fully present as parents. Sure it’s important we generate enough income to to maintain our lifestyle from the internet. Though there’s no point if you’re not able to enjoy life together right? It’s exciting to see it starting to work now though, there were times we were nervous as money was getting tight. Now though, we spend everyday from late morning until sunset playing on the beach and life’s great! Swimming and exploring Kai’s new world with him is perfect and he’s been having so much fun. It’s easy to get fully immersed with him and Mom and forget all about our business building duties.

I feel being self employed and online means there’s always more I could be getting on with, there’s always something else to do. With me there’s always another self imposed goal to achieve and I can always do more. For me it’s easy to get obsessed and over work or not do anything at all for days since I’m my own boss. So watch out for that, self discipline can help you as much as it can hurt you, as all ways it comes back to balance.

None of this has much to do with today’s vlog by the way! Well maybe it does, today we’re talking about conflict resolution. How to harmonize the in and out of our emotional tides and.. what other beach analogy can I use? How we surf the waves of synchronicity in our relationship and allow space for our crunchy moments! So the last part may not make sense, you’ll have to watch the vlog!

Thanks for rolling with me today, I’ll crank out a couple more tonight and tomorrow to catch up and “sync” with our vlog timeline. Feel free to comment, follow, like and subscribe for more of our journey.

Join Steemit if you haven’t already; upvote and comment us, what’s cool is we’re making new friends all over the internet these days. See you all tomorrow aaand I’m out.



What Software I Use For Editing?

So I did a double post on Friday because we’re going to my cousins wedding on Saturday (today) and I wanted to keep up with daily vlogging as best I could. Then in response to a comment from another YouTuber, I decided to quickly throw one more together and get an extra post in the gap..

Shout out to all the other “tubers” out there, we all know what it’s like. Keep pushing the button, keep getting yourself out there, creating content and growing our channels. Hustle each in your own ways, ever since them early days I’ve be-lived in the internet as the future of entertainment. As the years roll by we’re seeing this come true more and more. With so many huge name YouTube celebrities of today inspiring by living the example, there’s space on the internet for everyone, just push the button!


Blogging Since Birth

KENICAMZ #144: When I think about the new generation, I’m filled with excitement at what an incredible time it is to be alive! We no longer have to dream about what life would be like to quit the old world systems. Faster and faster as it unravels we’re breaking free and unplugging from the 9-5 cubicle. Awakening to wander, travel and explore our worldly passions. Rediscovering our sovereign rights, exercising our creative gifts and sharing our joy with the free world.

This shift may not even grace the peripherals of Kai’s world view at all in the future. Becoming an online Entrepreneur is a valid career path and a reality that’s available for every young master growing up today. This high speed, fiber-optic “light” age presents so many opportunities for aspiring content creators to express, document and monetize their efforts. Many vloggers are already years in, leading the way and showing their audiences how the internet has empowered and supported their freedom.

Becoming digital nomads ourselves, Jamie and I have been fortunate to experience this lifestyle for a few years already. We’ve listened, learned and taken action to build some passive incomes already and when we do want to work, we only do what we love. We know not everyone is aligned with being on Pornstarcamz and for sure our sexual liberation is not comfortable for everyone. So since Kai’s been on his way we’ve been expanding our efforts to include more family friendly activities.

YouTube is something that we can all do together and building an audience and social media following seems like a great way to set him up with a solid opportunity. While he may turn around and say he’s not interested at all as he grows up, I’m confident we will still teach him a great set of skills that he could literally apply to any online venture. So no matter what path Kai chooses to pursue in life, blogging could provide a great foundation. Wholeness.