Meet Mr Harry Runs!

What’s good! Yeah guys thanks for all the positivity in the comments lately, I’ve taken a break from replying to them as I’m sure you can innerstand why. I will get back to you ALL though, just after I catch up with these written posts! 🙂

Harry and Louise are here! These guys are a beautiful couple who also live in Chiang Mai and we’ve been friends for a couple years now. They were literally two of the first people to meet Kai and hold him when he was a newborn. We absolutely adore seeing how he is with them both now, he clearly loves them so much awww lol!

So when they moved out here they both taught English at international schools and now they’re following a similar path to Jamie and I with the whole online movement. Harry has been winning all the trail races around south east asia and his passion for running makes him a natural coach. Plus the wisdom he can share about nutrition and helping his clients learn more about plant based power and performance is huge! Simply being around him is inspiring and perfect timing for Jamie and I as we’re both focused on our new years fitness goals! is their website for anyone interested in working with Harry to find out more. Their YouTube channel can be found HERE and they post some awesome training tips as well as vlogs following Harry to all the stunning trail races and Ultra-marathons around the world.

Thanks for introducing yourself to our blog friends Harry, you the man!



New Apartment; New Audience?

Welcome to the new apartment we found in Kamala, Phuket. We’re staying here for 5-6 weeks and we’re the first in as the owner has literally just finished remodeling, ooh so clean. We appreciate her westernized standards, our internet is super fast and there’s a lot of natural light which we love. Luckily the next house above us on the hill shades us from the midday sun so it also stays nice and cool. That with the steady sea breeze coming up the valley, this place feels like a perfect fit.

We dropped our bags and headed off to explore (get lost) in the local community and surroundings. We’ve been told there’s a locals market on twice a week here. So we’re off to find it which will be a welcome break from those “farang” resort prices we’ve been paying around town this past week. It’s funny how quickly we got used to Thai prices. Once you know what things cost, well it’s no fun paying double or triple the going rate.

Talking about the blog, channel and brand again. It’s been an ongoing thing. There’s not much content left to upload for those who only came to see the porn me. Although most of those old viewers have already moved on and that’s great. Those who’ve stayed, I appreciate you. You’ve watched me grow through some life changes and now start a family. We’ve gotten to know some of you really well over the years and I guess that’s why we feel you may be able to help?

After yesterday’s affirmation about daily vlogging, we’ve decided to also work on our channel branding. It may simply be a new channel trailer, just to introduce us as three and show new visitors what we’re about. Since we’re still a newish channel, I don’t think it’ll hurt to test new genres and see which suits us best.

In the beginning the blog was all about a lonely stoner sharing his adventures in porn. Now I’m a Dad and we’re a family blogging about becoming the best parents we can be. Would re-branding actually be worth it or are we doing just fine as is? It’d be great to hear from some viewers and co-create the future of our blog with you. In 5 words, please tell us how you’d describe our blog?

The art of allowing creates space for every path, though one must still find a direction to have any choice where he is heading.



What Software I Use For Editing?

So I did a double post on Friday because we’re going to my cousins wedding on Saturday (today) and I wanted to keep up with daily vlogging as best I could. Then in response to a comment from another YouTuber, I decided to quickly throw one more together and get an extra post in the gap..

Shout out to all the other “tubers” out there, we all know what it’s like. Keep pushing the button, keep getting yourself out there, creating content and growing our channels. Hustle each in your own ways, ever since them early days I’ve be-lived in the internet as the future of entertainment. As the years roll by we’re seeing this come true more and more. With so many huge name YouTube celebrities of today inspiring by living the example, there’s space on the internet for everyone, just push the button!