Two Giant Hotdogs – Week 35

KENICAMZ #139: It’s monsoon season folks! J is super happy since the temperature is cooler now and she just loves these daily rains. So we skipped forward another two weeks and we’re happy to check in at Week 35. This week we noticed daily growth spurts and I’m not playing this Baby is strong! We’ve seen limbs literally moving around in there and it’s getting tight for mom. It’s easy to get freaked every few days when J’s in so much pain and thinks she’s having contractions.

We know we’re into the weeks that some moms give birth so we’ve been revising lots of the birthing process, like today I’m re-reading umbilical cord tying. We’re both still excited of course and although we accept we’ve no idea how it’s going to go, we still feel confident. We’ve literally done our best to learn as much as we can to prepare. So many birthing stories, forums, documentaries and what if’s about this and that. Right now we feel happy, confident and ready to go.

We mentioned the eliminate communicate method, it’s pretty common out here in Thailand. We both feel aligned with this and wanna give it our best shot from birth. We have a bunch of cloth diapers and liners already, didn’t wanna go crazy on them until we see what works best for us and Baby, then we’ll stock up with what we need as and when. We feel good about practicing EC, it suits us since we’re both at home full time and just wanna get connected with Baby as much as possible.

We know this won’t suit everyone, however if you’ve never heard of this then there are lots of benefits. From environmental, economical, behavioral and of course a happily early potty raised child. Who ever wants to sit in poop or pee, just for convenience? You can find info about EC all over the internet, some videos we found helpful are here.

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