Meeting Fon From Melt Away Bakery

So we found out about a local bakery doing vegan cakes from our good friends Harry and Louise. We’ve never indulged there until today, so now Kai’s 5 month birthday is a perfect reason for Mom and Dad to get some goodies in lol.

There’s all kinds of vegans in this world, we’re probably somewhere in there as health conscious yet comfortable foodies. Of course we love animals and have come to care for all beings equally. Abstaining from animal cruelty is a big part of our lifestyle choice. We’re always learning more about the body and how best to choose optimal fuel and performance. None of this changes the fact that we still love food and Jamie loves cooking.

People assume veganism is “very hard” or even extreme, that it’s all salads and soy beans. How we live is so far from that, there’s literally nothing we used to eat that we don’t have a vegan alternative for and in most cases tastes even better. When it comes to cake Fon’s vegan chocolate cake is incredible, the best we’ve ever had and we’ll be going back for carrot cake soon!

Shout out to Fon Fon for this vlog and if you’re ever in Chiang Mai, hit her up for some fresh baked goodies and a brew. Amazing animal activists out there doing a huge service to ending animal suffering and if that’s not your calling the least we can do is not contribute to funding the industry that is systemically destroying our planet.

What I am saying is this is our way and we all play a part. No matter where we are on the journey and when we cross paths, we may choose a life free from cruelty.. and not have to give up any cake.

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