Welcome To The World Baby Kai

KENICAMZ #142: Thank you all for your patience, many of you have followed our whole pregnancy diary have shown us so much love, support, care and concern. Some of you have been so excited about this update and we would like to say thank you all so much for caring. We’re ecstatic to announce that all is absolutely amazing! We shared the most amazing free birth we could ever imagine on the 6th August 2016. After 17 hours of labor we welcomed our newborn baby Kai into the world. Weighing in at 7.2lbs 19.6″ inches and we’ve since been snuggled in our blissful bubble of baby magic.

Here’s the footage we shot of our day, we don’t have much of the evening as the setting and environment of the space was ultimately more important to us than any bright lighting for filming lol. However we still feel we’ve captured the raw and spectacular beauty of a healthy and unhurried natural birth and are so happy to share this special moment with you all. Paying it forward in honor and thanks for all the free-birthing stories we have read, researched and studied. Thanks to all those mothers who have helped to inspire and educate us. Thanks to the internet and those willing to share their experiences, from that we built our confidence, trust and self-empowerment. This lead us to share the most unforgettable, intense and bonding sacred experience of our lives. Jamie’s words are simply that it was powerful, painful and absolutely perfect.

In our next vlog we have so much to share about the details of the day, our own individual insights and the complications we overcame. As well as the sheer joy of actually becoming parents and how incredible it was to deliver our first born child into his mothers exhausted arms. Naturally in the comfort and privacy of our own home, drug and intervention free. I feel like I could keep writing on and on and yet not really tell you anything more. So for now please in joy viewing the most incredible day of our lives and thanks again to all who have been there with us along the way. Wholeness and loving vibrations to you all.

Newborn Month One #DadLife
Self Perceptions & Inner Reflections..

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