What Daily Super-Food Supplements Do We Take?

We often get asked what supplements we take since being vegans and in Jamie’s mom groups they’re always talking about how to help balance postpartum hormones and promote breast milk production. The vegan deficiency conversation is long and boring at this point. A lot of non-vegans be-LIE-ve that plant based lifestyles are nutrient deficient and specifically low in protein. It’s ok I used to think the same way, once upon a time all I ate was fried chicken and rare steaks.. yes I thought I was super healthy and loved animals too.

The truth is eating vegetables, fruits and roots is far more nutritious than any SAD standard American diet. Most people that ask “where do you get your protein?” have no idea there are more complete proteins in plants. So let’s dispel the protein myth once and for all, if you’re eating food then you’re eating some amount of protein and most likely you’re eating more than your body can absorb in a day.

There is a B12 conversation, because of no reliable B12 source in our modern bacteria and dirt free plates. For this we simply take a vitamin pill as well as add nutritional yeast to a lot of our meals. We’re actually over our RDA though, hello vegan cheesy sauce. Don’t worry there’s no risk of overdosing on vitamins and any animal eating skeptic can have B12 deficiency too. We only require a small amount per day (3 micro-grams RDA allowing for an average 50% absorption rate). So you can either get it from eating a dead animal or take it sans-cruelty in the form of a small supplement. Simply choices.

We add to our daily intake with the concoction of powders featured in this video. For us super-food powders provide a great advantage for anyone interested in maximizing nutrient density and minimizing assimilation complication. We cycle through various herbs and roots depending on availability and requirements, however our staples are spirulina blue green algae, maca and turmeric roots and local bee pollen which Jamie likens to licking a 1000 flowers. Other jars of inner alchemy we have sitting around are chlorella, cinnamon, mangosteen rind, moringa, zeolite, cacao, goji and msm.

Finally we like to promote eating a wide variety of whole foods in abundance. As many fruits as you can at a time, it’s energizing and cleansing for your body. Tender greens healing and building as much as you like, oh and that calcium thing? Yeah research the unavailability of baby cow food calcium and it’s effects on human bone marrow. Perhaps then consider the delicious nut or seed milks and eat more greens. Saliva activated plant based calcium is abundant in most leafy greens.

The take away from today’s post is veganism is not at all about restriction or deficiency. It’s all about abundance and living cruelty free for the world, the future and all beings. If you’d like more information on supplements feel free to contact Seb at sebcam.tv, he’s a wealth of information and always happy to deliver super service for all your super food needs. Wholeness.

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2 responses to “What Daily Super-Food Supplements Do We Take?”

  1. Nika says:

    Hi Keni! My friend sent me this video last week, knowing that I’m fan of nutritions and supplements. She just wanted to know my opinion, if it really can be edible, because it doesn’t look yummy, haha!)) I found your video helpful and went to Kenicamz.com, Facebook, watched your other videos on YouTube… Wow, what an unusual and interesting life! I like your current lifestyle, It is a good example of how to live happily and independently of the System and cruelty free. And I like your family a lot! God bless you all. 🙂
    I’m adding some nutritions in my smoothies and having some of those of what you and Jamie told about in that video, although I’ve never heard about maca before.
    I’d like to share with you a list of my fav nutritions, it might be useful for you guys, too 🙂
    Cat’s claw
    Grapefruit seed extract
    Reishi spores powder
    Sunflower lecithin
    Aloe juice
    Shatavari (for women)

    P.S. My English is not perfect, sorry. I’m not a native English speaker. ))
    Oh, and I have a lot of questions about you, your life, healthy foods and others. Would be glad if you can answer sometimes.

    • Keni says:

      Hey Nika! Please excuse me, I don’t know how your message got hidden in the blog. Thank you for watching and commenting here, I appreciate you and your friend for sharing. Sure our daily mixture is not yummy, neither are the tinctures we take. However life is full of different flavors isn’t it?

      Also thanks for sharing interest with us and our life, it’s been a journey for sure and still going strong. We only seek to share so that others may look outside the box and ultimately realize the box is only there until we remove it. There are many ways and layers to regaining our sovereignty, so if we have helped any others on their path that is good enough for us.

      Thank you for sharing your list with us, some good reading and research to feed the mind, body and soul. I’ve never heard of many of those so this I’m excited about! Oh and your English is fine, more than good to share your thoughts with us, thank you for that. Again, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, I will do better to pay attention here to past posts as well as the latest ones.


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