What should I blog about?

KENICAMZ #93: The first hurdle people seem to face when deciding how to earn online is what they want to do? Don’t let this first challenge be what stops you from achieving your online goals. A lot of people I speak with use so much energy struggling with what they might do, they end up doing nothing at all.

My advice is to start right now, right where you are. Focus on what you do know and what makes you happy. Start the conversation and consider what you’re most passionate about. With a blog it’s easy to share your interests and then your story becomes inspirational to others who share the same goals. The value of your journey begins with your very first post and your decision to build your own brand.

Of course if you decide to start with blogging, then in my opinion that’s a winning formula. No matter what niche you then decide to explore, every website will grow and rank higher with the habit of new and frequently posted content. So blogging the journey towards achieving your goals is literally the most effective and personalized marketing plan you’ll ever produce. It helps you to stay accountable to yourself, define your own style and above all stay real with your readers. Straight away you’ll be providing value and inspiration to others.

My next best piece of advice is join Steemit! Start getting almost immediate monetary returns for your content creation. It may take time to build, host and drive traffic to your own blog, so with Steemit you’ll fast track the process. Through the community you’ll also learn more about the implications of blockchain tech and if you’re still not yet familiar with it, the concept of crypto-currency. Steem Dollars and Bitcoins!

As I’ve mentioned blogging can take time to learn and earn. Finding your niche, building traffic and promote products, services or affiliate deals to make those first sales. Steemit is a great launch pad to get you online and self-sustainable, to even pay for that first domain name. From there I recommend empowering yourself with knowledge daily, stay hungry and study more.

With everything I’ve learned at TECADEMICS, I’ve been able to help others get started. We have a great compensation plan for affiliates too. So there’s never been a greater time for people all over the world to create freedom with an internet connection. With so many great opportunities to make money online, all you have to do is get started! 🙂

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