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KENICAMZ #145: Trending this week was #YouTubePartyIsOver! My feed was full of tweets and videos from upset yootoobers venting about how the not so new “censorship” rules were destroying their earnings. For those with no idea what this is about, basically YouTube recently released a new algorithm that targets and demonetizes any videos that they deem not to be “advertiser friendly”.

In the past I’ve been deleted entirely from YouTube; twice. Sure it sucks when your freedom of expression is excluded, especially when executed by some faceless bot. Irretrievable passion project hours spent creating content that served over 2 million views, all deleted with one judgemental swoop. Every appeal rejected by their generic claim of “violating community guidelines” and back then it wasn’t even about monetization, I was life vlogging for fun.

Emotionally shook my uncensored consolation prize was entitled freedoms allow me to pay for my own video hosting LOL! So eventually we get over ourselves and crawl back to YouTube. Monetized or not most vloggers will find themselves asking why they post videos in the first place? What’s their original intent? Was it ever the money, nothing wrong with that if so. Or did we have some actual purpose or message that we want to share with the world? Personally I fell in love with the community; so here I am still uploading. I appreciate as a viewer how YouTube has entertained, empowered and educated me throughout my life. As a creator the unlimited reach, bandwidth and traffic to broadcast my soap box to the world is incredible! Ultimately I bow down and accept it’s their website, their rules. Of course I disagree with outright censorship, though has anyone’s freedom of speech actually been threatened here? Let’s be real, most of the same people complaining about YouTube money, while freely on YouTube are only “famous” because of YouTube.

I feel YouTube offers everyone a fair deal, the chance to get published by a global brand and a built in partnership with Google Adsense. Only one of the largest and most integrated affiliate networks on the internet. Many dream of building successful channels, quitting their slave jobs and become full-time YouTubers. Don’t let that vulgar little potty mouth or your irresistible sexually explicit nature ruin the fun for their family viewers LOL. So the terms of service aren’t perfect for everyone, definitely not me. Sulking won’t get us any further, they’ve removed “sensitive” content for years. Everyone complains now but how about when all the 9/11 news footage disappeared proving how lamestream media is implicitly part of an inside job? If you want to make money with YouTube treat it like the corporate business whore that it is. Also if you’re serious about internet pimpin’ I suggest diversifying. Deploy multiple income streams to support you while you nurse a global takeover. YouTube is definitely not the get rich quick plan. Why rely on YouTube to be your only source of income.. or truth, freedom, fairness, ethics, morals, etc.

Improvise, adapt and overcome; that’s what I say. I remember bitching back when good ol’ Chad and Steve sold us to Google. I knew the place would become overtly commercial and our quirky little vlogging community would be disbanded. Turns out the explosion of google search engine rankings transformed those same awkward bedroom bloggers into internet celebrities! I missed that boat while I was making a stand for our independent artistic rights bah. If reaching a lot of people is your goal then be on YouTube. Perhaps these strictly enforced ToS will somehow increase our exposure to an even wider audience? So what they keep changing the rules, be resilient and play their game to your best ability. Also appreciate a world where you’re able to make money posting homemade videos. There’s still people who don’t have enough internet to even buffer them in HD.

If you still find yourself grumbling about YouTube selling out, perhaps it’s time to consider new alternatives? Watchmybit is one of the most exciting game changers that I’ve spoken about recently and it’s bringing crypto-currency to the masses in a huge way. Combining a free video hosting service with a Bitcoin enabled pay-per-view model. While you wait for your monthly YouTube check, simply link your WMB videos with your own and any number of cast/crew/collaborators bitcoin wallets (if you don’t have one yet click here) and start receiving payments directly to your wallet every day for every single view.

There is so much growth and potential with the latest block-chain applications, especially for payment processing and online entertainment. There’s even solutions emerging that would completely transform and revive the adult industry from it’s impeding monopolized self-destruction. So many of my innocently unaware friends cling to that sinking ship and it’s only sinking faster the longer they hang on to outdated business models. Meanwhile bitcoin and websites like WatchMyBit stride forwards offering real-time solutions to anyone looking to monetize video content in the free world.

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